Thursday, November 30, 2006

levitating small animals through sound

I've been at jungle parties that felt like this


"Xie and his colleagues employed an ultrasound emitter and reflector that generated a sound pressure field between them. The emitter produced roughly 20-millimeter-wavelength sounds, meaning it could in theory levitate objects half that wavelength or less.

After the investigators got the ultrasound field going, they used tweezers to carefully place animals between the emitter and reflector. The scientists found they could float ants, beetles, spiders, ladybugs, bees, tadpoles and fish up to a little more than a third of an inch long in midair."

that's what I want bass to do to me!


  1. oh my god, wow

    what a wild pic

    but i wonder what that did to the poor ant!!

    guess some trips are worth it ;)--hope that one was--what were they playing, i wonder? ;)