Saturday, May 27, 2006

R.I.P. Desmond Dekker

Desmond Adolphus Dacres (Desmond Dekker) died yesterday.

I've loved his sweet voice for years. Even when I was in my rawest punk phase or my thuggiest hardcore or my most booombastic drop-d post-hardcore whatever phase (all of which existed alongside industrial/dance/Jungle, somehow).. I always had time for a swivel and drop to the late-60s sounds of Jamaica.

According to the Gleaner, he was booked through November. Amazing!

Friday, May 26, 2006

hyphy is so mashupity

Ok first of all, KMEL just played "tell them what they want to hear" that shouts out Art of Noise in the most delightful way. (that's a link to Juno's clip of the song).. Rashad feat. TI and Young Dro.. it's almost too R&B for me but the art of noise theme and the self-consciousness of the lyrics that crush the sappiness of most R&B save it for me.

and then I find out that Wayne is all over this bizness like butter on my toast

Oooooooo. I will be sad to leave bay area commercial radio. weird. I grew up with no love on mainstream radio, and my punk rock past is truly shocked.. but these days I rush to the car to turn on Drive Time on KMEL. I switch to CDs whenever the R&B crooners come up, but I swear every other day I hear some ridonkulous track.

I just bought my first ringtone. street cred is gone. gone! or i've moved streets

Monday, May 01, 2006

Not a lot to report, these days. Wrapping up my 3 papers, trying to get a fourth in publishable format (where's endNote for Mac?), booking chat chat for the summer tour..

Still loving a lot of the dubstep sounds, although it still needs to be in the right dj's hands to really take shape for me. The squelchy grindy sound of Cloaks intrigues, DMZ hypnotizes, and a slew of new stuff is on the way.

But also, my favorite driving music these days besides KMEL's drive time with the Vans song (can I just giggle at the wolfpack reference, which for a former-ish Boston straightedge hardcore gal is kinda funny) and with Shadow/Turf Talk/Keak da Sneak - Freaks!, or Muscle Cars or most of the drivetime top 10.

anyway besides that the mix for the car is still our very own riddim method mix, it's so damn uprockin I'm happy even stuck on the onramp to the Bay Bridge for 35 minutes.

I'll have some space to breath, for once, after this week. finishing my papers and then grading the undergrads.

And then? Berlin here we come!