Friday, December 15, 2006

one day...

One day I'll get to see these guys. Until then I'll treasure the records I get from Toolbox and Broklyn Beats

Thursday, December 14, 2006

winding down, winding up

After mishaps minor and major, several last-minute work dealies expanding beyond all bounds, and some musical interludes, I can say the semester is finally almost over. Except for the grading of the undergrad final, which can't commence until after the 18th, unfortunately. But still... some space to breathe. Get all the other stuff done that I've been holding back.

forthcoming.. an essay in a book (cross your fingers), a paper at a conference in Berlin this summer (ditto), and several funding applications.

A mix is forthcoming to accompany a rather shamefully wordy interview for the new music website. Not going to link the interview here yet. But once the mix is there, then link I will. I'm excited about it - it has a lot of reggaeton in it - carefully selected and mixed with all kinds of other flavors of course. It's a bit late as well, but technical problems are rife in my world these days, what can I say.

On the reggaeton tip - add my name to the chorus (I know I'm a year behind the Latin Grammys) Calle 13 really has it going on - and that's the only reggaeton so far whose words I don't follow immediately with my 2 years of spanish from TWENTY YEARS AGO.

That's a good sign, mind you. I'm always a bit sad that I can understand 90% of reggaeton lyrics with 7th grade spanish plus what I picked up from living in Brooklyn (or more realistically, walking around brooklyn as a female).

Anyway Calle 13, has some politics, has some humor, some lyrical wordplay.. I'm intrigued, and I like resident's voice too. Anyone who records a song reminding us about the existence of gravity is okay by me. Then again, less gravity is important sometimes. I mix it with KnifeHandChop.

There are some more folks on the mix - but I'll leave the tracklist until later.

In other news - it looks like Kid K and I could NOT land gigs in NYC for new year's eve or before, for love or money. We tried, people said maybe or yes, and then said no. pity. But both of us WILL play at Broklyn Beats' PURE FIRE on January 3, so mark your calendars for that one.

And when we return... it's madness. the EFF birthday party on January 11th, and then part 1 of a three-part series, hopefully a monthly, at Club Six in San Francisco. I am looking forward to this, and to making it work. Come on out!