Monday, January 29, 2007

Sounds sounds!

Below is link the radio show I did for ArtofBeatz

but there was also the previously mentioned mix I did to accompany an interview with the Ill-ustrious website. This is the online presence of MusicalBear, the crew who threw the party Kid K, DJ C and I played with The Bug (and Warrior Queen, whew!) a couple of summers ago. Heatwave were involved as well..

Anyway, always a soft spot in my heart for musicalbear. I love bears anyway. check this book, for a bear and some jazz and the best description of what happens in a live performance from the performers' point of view.

and here is the link to a reggaeton flavored breakcore mentalist jammy: (im)pure hysteria, and the interview

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Live from the studio...

so I'm sitting here in the KUSF radio station studio.. while Kush Arora is laying down a live dub set. He's playing his latest - a theme song for our new monthly: SURYA DUB

suffice to say it's ill. deep and spooky, but with some sweetness.

I played a set before that, with ensuing shenanigans, Maneesh the Twister covered the decks before me, and Kid K before that. I think folks got a sense of our flavors.

it's all warm up and promo for tonight, which we are crossing our fingers on.

bay area peoples I hope to see you there

The rest of you will have to do with the new mixes I have forthcoming.

on (top right of page for downloading)

and also check a radio show I did for the lovely Artofbeatz crew in Vancouver, BC. Kuma, Eve, and the gang - much respect!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

oh, man.

Well I'm listening to my partner, Kid Kameleon, work on a future mix

and he just defended his tune choice with "it's better than the Rapping Alf single"

that's all I'm gonna say.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Recovering from a bout with illness.. just in time for a gig celebrating the Electronic Frontier Foundation's (oh-so-sweet) 16 birthday party!

yes indeed, Kid Kameleon and myself will be holding down the sonic pleasures for you at 111 Minna on Thursday night. Good times. If ever there was a time to donate to the EFF and party with activist lawyers who defend mashup-artists, whistleblowers and sue the Department of H*meland Security, now is that time. Or thursday night. Whenever.

Otherwise, this semester is beginning nicely. Got some musical ideas percolating, and about to get back in the blogging saddle. For real. Plus some other online and print publishing, I hope.

I leave you with links to some jolly music forthcoming or already out:
From Argentina: Frikstailers happy glitchity cutup bumpin stuff. If this was tech-house then I'd like tech-house?

From heaven knows where but livin generally in Rio: Maga Bo's Confusion of Tongues mix. He's playing in SF this weekend. Oh Gosh!!

From Rotterdam: Malorix