Saturday, January 27, 2007

Live from the studio...

so I'm sitting here in the KUSF radio station studio.. while Kush Arora is laying down a live dub set. He's playing his latest - a theme song for our new monthly: SURYA DUB

suffice to say it's ill. deep and spooky, but with some sweetness.

I played a set before that, with ensuing shenanigans, Maneesh the Twister covered the decks before me, and Kid K before that. I think folks got a sense of our flavors.

it's all warm up and promo for tonight, which we are crossing our fingers on.

bay area peoples I hope to see you there

The rest of you will have to do with the new mixes I have forthcoming.

on (top right of page for downloading)

and also check a radio show I did for the lovely Artofbeatz crew in Vancouver, BC. Kuma, Eve, and the gang - much respect!

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