Monday, January 29, 2007

Sounds sounds!

Below is link the radio show I did for ArtofBeatz

but there was also the previously mentioned mix I did to accompany an interview with the Ill-ustrious website. This is the online presence of MusicalBear, the crew who threw the party Kid K, DJ C and I played with The Bug (and Warrior Queen, whew!) a couple of summers ago. Heatwave were involved as well..

Anyway, always a soft spot in my heart for musicalbear. I love bears anyway. check this book, for a bear and some jazz and the best description of what happens in a live performance from the performers' point of view.

and here is the link to a reggaeton flavored breakcore mentalist jammy: (im)pure hysteria, and the interview

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  1. hey larisa - sorry that the new site isn't quite as fluffily-named as the old one, but guess we've gotta move on. onwards and upwards! did you check out the oddcast? my first adventure in ableton, erk...