Monday, February 26, 2007

Goooood musical weekend

I remembered another reason why I love djing - because I get much much better at it when I play in front of audiences a lot than when I stay home and practice there. Making lots of mixes helps too, but for some reason my selection is a lot wilder and more intuitive when there is an audience. Luckily I had three audiences this weekend, which resulted in three sets that I really wish had been recorded.

I played on the early side at the Disko vs. Breakcore party at 111 Minna. 9:30 pm --unconscionably early for a regular party, but not so bad because music actually started at 7pm with the 111 Minna Happy Hour crowd. By the time I started playing the more general "we work in Soma and are hip but more interested in chatting than dancing" crew had started to filter out and the the "we're here for the breakcore" people were filtering in. I liked to think I facilitated thaht particular exchange.. As I listened to the earlier acts -all of which were pretty interesting- I realized that I was likely to be the first person to play breakcore that night. A heavy responsibility but I was up for it. When the party in that room is called "Girls Love Breakcore" how could I not show my love?

Recently I've been booked for gigs where I play some breakcore but I sort of educate the crowd into it so that they are dancing to it before they know what's going on, or the preceding musical experience has made them feel they have license to totally freak out, but this gig was no timeto hold back. If they don't already love breakcore here they're at the wrong party. So I played all my blockbusters (in honor of our host Mochipet I had to play the summer set-ender Yes vs. Nomeansno) still alternating with rai and tamilpop and reggaeton and hyphy (since they all sound so damn good), but also with a bit of breakcore history: some of the first records I started buying, on Ambush: Dj Scud especially, plus DKP, a couple of tunes Kool Pop, and in honor of Jason Blackkat (who was in town and I would play with the next night) and my old roommates Broklyn Beats - I had to play "Pig Pop" with its charming chorus and singalong: "Run citizen run run, the policeman's got a gun."

People were up for it, the faint of heart fled. Meanwhile the other room was holding it down with QZen and Forest Green (despite some speaker problems).

Everyone laid down fun sets - I barely left the breakcore room all night. Heartworm's live set gets better every time, and the highlight for me was Jega, super fun set that had dancing and hollering like crazy. And then Otto Von Schirach who put a goofy grin on half the audience - seriously I have never seen so many people cracking up and dancing at the same time. You know how people try to justify supernasty booty lyrics by saying "they're so extreme it's like a joke" ? I don't really buy that. Because they aren't extreme. I've had people say most of that stuff to me on the street at one time or another. But when Otto does it, with his cookie monster vocoder vocals, his hairnet and wig and his screaming, and the booty bass in interspersed with high-impact breakcore drum programming? Ok maybe that's extreme enough that it's cartoonish and fun. anyway, it was fun.

The next night was Suryadub's second incarnation, followed by the warehouse party where the floor was bouncing so much I thought we'd break a beam. Recaps of that to follow.

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  1. You were DEFINITELY the force that cleared the way for the breakbeat hungry that night. Cheers, r|six.