Tuesday, February 06, 2007

in other words

Folks coming here due to music links may not know I also write on some other topics on other blogs, in a somewhat regular way. I try to be more regular - but then I commit to being a member of another blog, and it all goes up in smoke.. or bits.. or something

anyway I post on the riddim method on music -based stuff, with the rest of the amazing riddim methodists, lots of scholar-musician-activist-thinker folks, trying to live the dream and dream life and all that.

I also have a blog under my own given name for wiretap magazine, the youth branch of Alternet.org. On this one I post about technology and rights, with a youth audience in mind

on a similar note (to the point that I shamefacedly --if you could see my face-- cross-post), I post now and then at the biplog, which is the blog for boalt.org, the student organization here at the law school where I am (a PhD student, not a JD student), which is a group interested in the public policy (i.e. people) implications of technology and IP law.

If you are interested in that stuff, all the other people involved in these projects teach me something every time I read. So check'em out.. and come back here for the TUNES!

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