Saturday, February 17, 2007

sounds 2

the day after the Girls love Breakcore gig I play TWO shows so there's no excuse for missing me. One is the monthly reincarnation of Suryadub (see the pics from last month! Although apparently photographers like to go to bed early because there's none of me on the decks). It will again be truly brilliant, and some of the most interesting and diverse music ever to be played at Club Six (dubstep, reggae, bhangra, dancehall, kwaito, glitch, jungle, even a touch of breakcore). And then I go to the wacked-out warehouse madness hosted by SoFat and HavocSound in honor of Jason Blackkat tipping the scales of New-York-warehouse-party-peeps-in-the -Bay to critical levels. Tekno, breakcore, live sets on huge synths with lots of patch cables.. going till 6am!

Two very different but equally delightful flavors for your Saturday night.

flyer for the warehouse party (Suryadub gets bigged up next week) - mark your calendars!
floored flyer

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