Wednesday, March 28, 2007

nice one at the dance

A bigger and livelier vibe for surya dub this month than last month. The sound was a BIT better in the upstairs room. I can't believe they get noise complaints. It's the Tenderloin, don't the neighbors have other things to worry about?

I was quite impressed with the guest of honor downstairs: breakbeat Buddha. I kept thinking it was going to turn into standard/predictable breaks, and then it would go all glitchy and wobbly and weird and bouncy.

The crowd was bigger than last month (no horrible rainstorm this time). I think I detected a change in the character.. it seeed a bit more.. indie... kinda.. how can I say it... kinda pitchforkish. Big up the Blackdown for a nice write-up (scroll to the end).

I played after BBB and got a bit silly - but it's nice to be able to play "where my weaves at" mixed with dubstep and the baltimore remix of Yo Majesty. Kid K threw down some classic ragga jungle and ting and then the night was DONE.

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