Tuesday, March 13, 2007

a rare (for now) rocksteady, ska, dub set on Thurs 15th

I will be djing a little set at the lovely Guerilla Cafe on Thursday (March 15th) from 6pm - 8pm. I've been missing playing out all my 60s ska sounds (and a smattering of dub and generall Jackie Mitto type soul ska fun), that I used to do in NY every now and again.

The cafe is small but friendly. Killer coffee, tasty food, and nice people. Come out and say hello!

1620 Shattuck Avenue. (You can go by the Cheese Board before coming over and get some damn good cheese, too)

1 comment:

  1. Cool hearing old school tracks at the Guerilla Cafe last nite. Listening to your tracks now b4 going and I can't leave my laptop. Hope there'll be as cool music out there as it ya on here-ya. ya... :) my friend also says you're doba na!! :)