Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thursdays 6-8pm in Berkeley - a weekly!


Well well, thanks to all who came out on thursday. It was a rousing success. A lovely warm sunny day and sweet sunset, folks and dogs strolling by, and the Guerilla Cafe has a sliding door open to the sidewalk and benches on the sidewalk with the music rolling out...

The gig went well enough - they offered me a weekly. Nice one.

I played pretty strictly rocksteady this time - but I will branch out a bit in the coming weeks to more ska and dub as well. But at this gig I'll be keeping it mostly on the truly oldschool side, a chance to stretch out in a leisurely fashion through the other side of my music collection.

The cafe has the best coffee in Berkeley (Blue Bottle), and some seriously tasty food. Their waffles are to die for. A short menu, but satisfying. Rumor has it they are applying for beer + wine license, which may mean an expanded evening, although right now they close at 8pm.
1620 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley

thanks to anonymous commenter from the previous post, and to all who showed up. See you next week, same time, same station!

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