Friday, April 20, 2007

memory blast

Wow. This is definitely one of the things that makes the internets pretty cool.

I recently was relinked through RupertMurdochSpace to the crew in Germany that booked me my first gig overseas in 2001. Little did I know – they posted some video of me djing at that gig, six years ago!

So here is a picture of me six years ago – my set starts at about 1:55

The gig itself was pretty crazy – in Prenzlau, which is I think a kind of industrial town near the Polish border with lots of somehow creepy-feeling, kinda aggro, kinda sleazy, kinda white-power, super suburban/rural-east-german youth (hard to describe unless you've been there). Although the promoters were nice.. and they had good taste in picking the experimental room, from me to Sonic Dragolgo to baze_djunkiii to Violentus to aleXdee and LXC, both of whom I've worked with since at many crazy parties.

So yeah, the main room was not really my thing, but the small room was a crew of people who I ended up meeting again the next year and working with rather a lot.. all of us in the "experimental room" together here! We ended up having to hide in the backstage area because apparently a crew of n*zi skins showed up and sonic with his being Japanese and me with my big dreads were not going to be very welcome. We ended up leaving early, but we were treated well by the people who booked us, and got paid (at least I did). This was also partly due to the kind efforts of Baze_djunkiii, who I met that night and who spoke up for me. This was especially good as I did not speak ANY german at that time. And baze is now and old friend! big up touring Europe with a 75pound Anvil case of records (before RyanAir raised their weight charges and lowered their minimum weight)!


  1. too big! i remember the dreaded days!

  2. Damn them n*zis. But as long as we stand together, they wont have a chance.