Tuesday, April 10, 2007

whew! good sounds abound

Was lucky enough to catch the Filastine and DJ /Rupture show a month or so ago at the reliably-interesting Stateless party (nice crowd, too! Crowds bent primarily on dancing are my favorite). Filastine blew me away.

I'm lucky enough to have seen a great many /rupture sets over the years since the Toneburst days, but it was maybe the 2nd or 3rd Filastine set I'd ever seen. And this one was on some other-level intensity. One of the better combinations of live percussion (that didn't just feel like self-indulgent drum-circle-esque freestyle), programmed sounds, loops and I dunno what-all. Just enough new to keep it off-kilter, but enough beats to hold onto or juggle from hips to feet and back..

Check out this latest Filastine mix available from the blentwell free emporium, then show more love by buying his latest, Burn it, from /rupture's label Soot

rumor has it Filastine will be back in town soon. Haven't had a chance to talk since my birthday party last year at the Drunken Fish. But all his travels make for some good stories. Plus I must know where he gets his suits cut.

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