Thursday, June 21, 2007

last 2 chances to check ripley before I'm off!


the big one is Surya Dub! Come out and bid me farewell, dance like a maniac, and help support us in Club Six. The club has been having problems with sound, and was under threat of being closed, so we have had lower attendance than we'd like.. come show your support for us and for the club, which is seriously one of the best clubs I've worked with in years.

We are working with the speakers in the upstairs lounge (which is where I'm playing this month), to make the sound more even and clear for all of y'all party goers, and downstairs will be bangin' as usual.

Club six is at 60 6th street in San Francisco, and I hope to see y'all to say good bye! I will be off to Jamaica for 2 months (with a stop in Boston first), so this is your last chance to see me for a while.

and today at the Guerilla cafe is your low-key, east bay option to catch some sweet rocksteady, ska and dub. 1620 Shattuck is the place!

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