Thursday, July 19, 2007

bits and bobs, haps and mis

Heavy posting and long descriptions of scenes in Jamaica up at the Jamaica blog

Wayne gives a more audio-visual description of his time (all too short) over here, with more specifics of the big voices (Mavado and Munga being the biggest, possibly they are robots like I'm convinced T-Pain is), and big riddims in Kingston right now.

and here's the link to the main SET (Students Expressing Truth) website

and to the SET Prison radio in Jamaica info page (streaming of some stuff soon come)

We are currently being visited by the Antenna Alliance technical wize-ards, they're helping with the radio station and network oddities. Full house in New Kingston now! Despite the Ant Alliance's indie look, they are betting on JA to fill out some cc-licensed music storehouses for their all cc distribution networks.

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