Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Surya Dub come soon!

This Saturday is gonna be another good one..We are starting to really pick up momentum at Surya Dub. Last month was amazing, in that it was both a large crowd and a really warm family vibe upstairs and down.

We switch it up this month a bit - I will play upstairs and early so come warm up with me and chill in the lounge until Jimmy Love gets it bumpin, Dj Santero turns up the heat and Amar brings it home. Downstairs, Roots and Wires is always a dubbed-out dream, and Matty G will throw down the dubstep roar..

So come on out! $5 before 11pm, or drop me a note, I might have some guestlist spaces..

Monday, September 17, 2007

on the politics of hip-hop dancing

I would like to read a lot more about hip-hop as dance music (regardless of lyrics), something that many music scholars don't seem tos pend a lot of time on. Hip-hop and the body. Hip-hop IN the body. but in the meantime, I was entertained by this discussion of a hip-hop dance class

Hip-hop is one of the most intimidating forms of dance there is. The movements are really precise and you need that extra bit of attitude to execute them convincingly. Instead of the hard-ass, “I’m all that and don’t fuck with me” look I should have had on my face, I found myself grimacing and making what would, in the primate world, be called “appeasement gestures.”

authenticity, gender, performance, power, bodies.. hmmm....

*edited to add.. I should say I don't think everything here is about hip-hop, a lot of it is about dance classes. Then again, the 'attitude' requirement (and the kind of attitude) is, I would say, more an issue in hip-hop dance than in contact improvisation, and a different flavor than, say, tap. But also the positioning of the author above is part of the politics. Some interesting issues for her as well around what she thinks of as authentic, as well as what others may see as authentic..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

back on the scene

recovering from various travel-related maladies.. I'm back on my regular gigs, SURYA DUB (sept 22 this month), The REcord Goes Round (thursday 6-8pm at Guerilla Cafe - check out their amazing art exhibit - Emory Douglas' posters from the Black Panther era!).

And I've got a gig this week at the Otherworld weekly BOUNCE at Club Oasis in Downtown Oakland. I'm excited about this - otherworld peeps represent some of my favorite people who relocated from NYC plus other musical family. And I've always thought Club Oasis was a cool venue, and I want to play more in my new hometown!

saturday gig