Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Vote Surya Dub

If you want to support good music really pushing the edge of the club scene in San Francisco, vote for Surya Dub in the SFWeekly Best Club Night poll

Yes, Surya Dub has been nominated for Best Club night by the SF Weekly Music Awards 2007!

I am seriously proud of us and all the hard work we put into this party, and the nights are getting better and better - there is such a good crowd and everyone wants to dance and the music is reliably interesting, lively and fun --all in a huge soundsystem downstairs and a chill lounge upstairs.. you don't have to be a Bay Area resident, just a friendly supporter.


We have been around less than a year, which makes this even more special, as is the fact that we are the most diverse and creative lineup of sounds and styles listed -- In fact we are the only night representing Dubstep, Reggae, DnB, Breakbeat or Global Beats!

Please help us win by voting HERE by Oct 11th 2007!


  1. Awesome! You guys deserve it. For some reason those links don't work for me though. You may want to direct people to SF Weekly Music 07.