Saturday, October 20, 2007

We won! Thank you everyone!

Wow. So Kid K and I slogged into San Francisco across the Bay Bridge to the SFWeekly Music Awards Ceremony because we had been nominated. We got there around 9pm at this swank joint that looks like a 19th-century theater having been converted into a club, but chandeliers, carvings, and stained-glass portraits of old white men with muttonchop whiskers still remained. The crowd was mostly rock-y and sf-fashion-y and media-y except for various people I vaguely recognized as nominees for "best hip-hop act" (like the Federation and such.. not everyone was there but I saw a dude in a splended white Filthy Dripped blazer with painting all over it and a majestic fade). They announced the awards for our category while Maneesh the Twista was still looking for parking and Kush Arora hadn't arrived yet...

and WE WON! Kid K, Sitar (who does the publicity and a lot of the foot work for the party) and I found our way to the stage and dazedly said a few things to a crowd who were mostly interested in drinking and chatting to themselves, and walked off the stage with a funny little statuette of a little man playing the guitar.


Thank you to everyone who voted! The other nominees were mostly long-running nights in bigger venues, but clearly they didn't have fans as energetic and full of love as we do! You all rock!
(Something everyone can see for themselves October 27th - next Saturday - when we throw down with Jason Mundo, DJ Tomas and the almighty ZULU - plus guest VJ Zebbler)

We celebrated by going home (it was a Thursday and we are grad students with too much work), but last night we went out to Grime City (a great party, with a great crew behind it who are always supportive of Surya Dub and no doubt helped us win the award - nobody else nominated plays anything like dubstep and grime, while we do, alongside our usual eclectic bounce&bass). the special guests? ROSSI B and LUCA. oh my.

A truly outsanding set by a pair of super-skilled djs. The scratching was impressive, but what really worked was how they kept the sound moving, through deep+ bassy dubstep to wobble-bassline garage to banging grime and other beats. One of the most danceable and interesting sets I've seen at grime city - it worked both for the heads and for people stopping by to see what all the fuss was about. big up the djs!

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  1. I know I'm a bit slow on this but Congrats! I know putting on a night is a ton of work and something that you don't do for recognition... but it's always great when deserving people do get the recognition!