Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Whew! After 4 transcontinental flights I'm feeling a bit wobbly. But soon my next post on wiretap will be up.. scary news for higher education if the entertainment industry gets their way! I passed my german translation exam (woo!) and solidified the lineup for my Quals committee.. so one more field exam out of the way and (assuming ONE of the 6 places I applied gives me some funding) I will be on my way back to Jamaica in the Fall of 2008!

I'll post more about the upcoming holiday-special SURYA DUB - December 8th (note the different date this time) is your last chance to catch us this year.. don't miss!

And Kid Kameleon and I will be in the Boston area this New Year's Eve and are looking to dj. Our possible NYE venue fell through... so, anyone want to throw a party for us? We can likely provide a full lineup as others in the riddim method crew might be willing to throw down..

email me or drop me a note in the comments with your email and I will get back to you

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Noord sound remix project, and music/events

As usual, I'm playing today at Guerilla Cafe, in Berkeley, and tomorrow I play at the Li Po Lounge in Chinatown, SF as part of a party for the hella cool spoken word guerrilla poet Shahid Buttar, who is also a lawyer in DC (let's hear it for those mixing up law and music)! DJs: Ripley (Surya Dub, HavocSound!) Glyph (in2it) poolboy & d (4handed, swapsf, tasty-music) @ Li Po Lounge (downstairs) - 916 Grant Avenue @ Washington St. (Chinatown). 9pm - 2am, Friday Nov. 9

I also want to mention a cool sound remix project some people I've worked with in Belgium are doing. But I've got some updates from the past 2 weeks to share as well:

First of all, thanks to all of you who came out to Rip.Mix.Burn.BAM.PFA - it was a great event. I've djed in museums before but this is one of the few times we actually had people dance (I think years ago at the Harvard Film Archive we got some bouncing with DJ C, DJ Flack and myself).. anyway October 26th was rockin' and Zebbler and the Improbable Orchestra (the participatory loop djing machine) really brought the museum into the digital age with style. Participatory, copyright-challenging, undoubtedly of value to society, and hella fun. Just what I want museums and public institutions to be supporting! The exhibition is actually a remix project as well - the curator of the digital art collection is a true visionary and wants to make the entire collection open for remix to other artists and also to members of the public, online. The show was the kickoff of the first collection and featured several works by artists remixing other artists in the museum collection. Check it out online!
and they have started the "make your own remix" project here! how cool is that (especially for a museum?)

And Surya Dub, with the man like ZULU and DJs Tomas and Jason Mundo on Decks, the next night, also truly lovely. some good costumes, and I had one of my favorite sets (starting at 130 and taking it to 190 bpm in 45 minutes, with baltimore, breaks, dubstep, juke, jit, jungle, hyphy, and breakcore all up in the mix). We take a break this month, and the next one will be December 8th

And lastly the fine people at Tasty-music for getting the lovely weather on Sunday in their favor as they provided delicious treats and their residents, kid k and myself provided some beats.

and now for the sonic fun: the N(OO_O)RD Remix project. This is great!
As part of research into noise pollution conducted for a particular area in Brussels, the foton crew made a lot of field recordings of sounds all over that region. They are now using them as source material for remixes and and inviting other people to do the same. Check out their site here which has some remixes available and also the source material.

(foton threw an amazing party I played at in 2004 in Brussels, and are a great collective of multimedia artist activists)

anyway go and mess about with all these open resources. Unlike sex, consent is not everything in the digital world, but it can be a pleasure in itself.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Me on a conference panel

I forgot they recorded this

I was on a panel at UC Berkeley as part of the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts.. with some SUPER COOL artists like the Graffitti Research Lab folks, Sal Randolph (who did a cc music project that generated a lot of music), and lots of other interesting folks, about DIY=> DIT (Do It Yourself into Do It Together) in art..

anyway it's pretty cool and they are all super interesting.

My favorite moment is when some curators appeal to all of us (who do conceptual, collaborative, social kinds of art) about the "problem" of preserving the art and it's the moment that I really felt quite aligned with everyone else on the panel (who otherwise I felt a bit separate from since they are all "real artists" and not entertainers).. anyway we all respond with a kind of unanimous indifference or even mild hostility.

that occurs about 3/4 or 4/5 along the video (no minute counters: boo!) - a guy asks how we would like to see our work preserved. I remember thinking the response from all of us was quite funny.