Monday, December 24, 2007

bits of the end of the year

Thanks to all who came out to the Milky Way benefit. Djs Dafna and Stella of the Gross Anatomy party threw down pop electro french whatnots and jumped around on the dancefloor. they brought out a fun crowd from their own queer-posi party although it didn't make much of a change from the eclectic Milky Way scene: skinny white rockers, latino club folks (who requested Bachata, but appeared nicely resigned when I said I didn't have it), hip-hop kids, dreadlocked funksters and college folk, and such like. I played a short set at the beginning, followed by the lovely ladies of through the keyhole burlesque doing a short, sweet and spicy performance (sexy elves with big -um- candycanes, and a fan dance!), and then Dafna ad Stella did their thing, then I jumped up again.

party people danced, tasty pizza was served, and the bar has ginger beer (wa-hey!)

One of the things I count as success is when people who appear to be from completely different scenes congratulate and thank me for my set, one lean+mean pompadoured bleachblonde lesbian gal in tight jeans with a huge belt buckle, one six-foot-plus african-american dude in a black t-shirt big jeans and a heavy chain, and a couple of sweet-faced kids in t-shirts and cargo pants (with a hint of raver). When I get all those folks on the dancefloor together, I feel pretty good. Especially when I did it with everything from Bird Peterson to Yo Majesty to Ghislain Poirier to Rustie to the Buckwheat Boys to Specialist'n'Tru Skool to Filastine

so thanks, all the great music producers out there..


  1. hey ripley been a while since i checked in but thanks for the slew of myspace links helping me clean up my pokey little flat! heh

    come on over east some time :)

    minikomi in japan.

  2. Naturally you dig ice cream and cake.
    All the beats for TwoThousandGreat