Thursday, December 13, 2007

remixers, mashers, collagers unite!

I think it's very exciting that the Organization for Transformative Works has just been founded.

Looks like they are setting themselves up as residing within the "transformative" aspect of the fair use concept (which is only one of four factors judges usually consider when faced with a fair use defense, and not actually a law in its own right). But basing one's rights in transformativity is a step away from the oh-so-amorphous-and-yet-one-dimensional "originality" so I'm all for it. It at least acknowledges the context which art is made and breaks down the assumption that it exists without other art.

It seems to be originating (heh) as an umbrella for fandom and fan fiction, so perhaps authors in the text-writing sense and video makers too (although there's plenty of other kinds of fan art so maybe not).

But I think many of the great traditions of hip-hop come from being a music fan, generally and of specific artists and genres. And skills are embedded in re-use and reference of already existing sounds and works. transformative indeed. So why not join-up, sample-heavy producers? reference-heavy composers? scratch djs?

or start an audio division?

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