Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thanks for all who came out - and who read

Some nice news on the writing front, my piece on HR 4137 for WireTap has been picked up by The Nation Online (including them putting it in the email newsletter, which I am told is the first time they have included a piece by a non-Nation author), and also run by the Chicago Sun-Times Sunday Edition (print media maybe? chicago peeps holla!). Hopefully people will be motivated to speak to their senators on behalf of students rights and academic freedom.

On the musical side, last night was definitely one of the good ones. Dj G was one of the best dupstep djs I've seen in a long time. I think I heard a few of his tracks which were really innovative (in the sense of importing some swingy 4-on-the-floor references into the beats, which really kicked up the dancefloor), and he kept the crowd moving nicely. One of the things I like about Surya Dub is that there is a baseline (heh) of dubstep heads and Kush Arora fans and bellydancers, and then a large crew of folks from all over the map - white-tee wearing hip-hop fans, glammed up laydeez in high heels, skinny-pants boys with caps and cool glasses (large & nerdy or small & architect-y), it's multiracial and spans a pretty wide age and style range. This means some of our more genre-specific djs don't have an easy time connecting to the whole crowd - you really need to work your dj skills to interact and liven people up. Anyway Dj G had the skills, and also the super-endearing quality of jumping around behind the decks (I love djs that look like they love the music they're playing). Lukeino was laying down some new drum-n-bass when I left, wobbly with sleepiness (end of the semester is a tough time to be out late).

I started the night downstairs and experimented (on the Surya Dub crowd) by goung back to the sounds I started out playing - in terms of mixing up the more bumpin dub sounds with hip-hop and jungle (some nice jump-up tracks that have come my way recently), and kept people wiggling for a while before bringing it up to dubstep tempo to set it up for Kush and the return of MC Daddy Frank. People seemed into it, and we are looking ahead to 2008 - January 26th for the next Surya Dub!

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