Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So many gigs!

It's a crazy weekend. Help celebrate that we won BEST CLUB NIGHT IN SF from the SF Weekly (thanks to all who voted!) by coming out to Surya Dub on Saturday.. also a whole avalanche of other interesting gigs!

Thurs, Oct. 25th - Ripley spins Rocksteady @ Guerilla Cafe 6-8PM - Free
1620 Shattuck Avenue
Come enjoy the Rocksteady and Ska and dub, the good coffee, and the great waffles. This week: special focus on French Dub sounds - a few years later than I usually play, but sounds you'll never hear anywhere else..

Fri, Oct. 26th - Ripley, Kid K, Zebbler, and the Improbable Orchestra @ BAM 7-10PM - Free
Kid Kameleon and Ripley lay out an entire evening of sonic delights and visual entertainments on behalf of the Berkeley Art Museum to celebrate the opening of Rip.Mix.Burn, an exhibition of the museum's digital art, reconceived and remixed.

*Boston video artist Zebbler will do a 4 Audio Chanel/3 Video mix through the space and across the museum walls:
*Improbable Orchestra display their DIY DJ machine:
*Ripley and Kid K provide a soundtrack from dub and ambient to dancefloor madness.
*And, free food and free drink (for those over 21).
*The whole thing is free at the Berkeley Art Musem 2626 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA, just print out the attached invite.

Fri, Oct. 26th - Ripley, Kid K and others @ Remixer afterparty @ Convent 10PM-Late! - Free
Our friend Guatam and many of the folks from the Convent and Hillegass-Parker Co-Op are throwing a R.I.P.Mix.BURN!!!! after-party! Ripley and I will be spinning harder and weirder stuff, more appropriate for the late night vibe, and there will be a lot of Halloween themed madness.

*The Convent, 1601 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94703 US

Sat, Oct. 27th - Jason Mundo, DJ Tomas, Zulu, Zebbler & all Surya Dub Crew @ Club 6 10PM-3AM - Free b4 11
Surya Dub just won the SF Weekly's award for Best Club Night in San Francisco! We're still all falling over ourselves to figure out what we did, but it's an awesome award and we hope it will encourage many folks who've though about coming but not made it yet to check us out. I've included the whole flyer as an attachment, and just the highlights below.

*IMPORTANT - The event is FREE, if you 1) register here and 2) you show up before 11 --- otherwise it's $10, which is still pretty great for a Saturday in the city.
*A slew of out guests at this one -- MC Zulu from Chicago, voice of the party, performing live with Kush Arora --- DJ Tomas, veteran dubateer from SF --- Jason Mundo from Texas, an original head to rep the 2-step movement in this country, let alone Dubstep --- And Zebbler again, guesting on visuals
*Plus you've got the award winning Surya Dub crew on hand as well. Kid Kameleon from 10:30-11:15, Ripley from 2:00-3:00
*Extended info/bios at, and on the flyer

Sun, Oct. 28th - Kid K and Ripley w/ the Tasty Crew in Golden Gate Park 2PM-6PM - Free!
Rounding out the weekend, Ripley and I will be guesting with the Tasty Crew at their free party in Golden Gate Park. The info I have about it is here: although I'll have a full flyer later in the week, and will forward it along then.

*Ripley and I are on from 2:30-4PM. Afternoon dance style!
*There is free food!
*Check for directions and more info

Saturday, October 20, 2007

We won! Thank you everyone!

Wow. So Kid K and I slogged into San Francisco across the Bay Bridge to the SFWeekly Music Awards Ceremony because we had been nominated. We got there around 9pm at this swank joint that looks like a 19th-century theater having been converted into a club, but chandeliers, carvings, and stained-glass portraits of old white men with muttonchop whiskers still remained. The crowd was mostly rock-y and sf-fashion-y and media-y except for various people I vaguely recognized as nominees for "best hip-hop act" (like the Federation and such.. not everyone was there but I saw a dude in a splended white Filthy Dripped blazer with painting all over it and a majestic fade). They announced the awards for our category while Maneesh the Twista was still looking for parking and Kush Arora hadn't arrived yet...

and WE WON! Kid K, Sitar (who does the publicity and a lot of the foot work for the party) and I found our way to the stage and dazedly said a few things to a crowd who were mostly interested in drinking and chatting to themselves, and walked off the stage with a funny little statuette of a little man playing the guitar.


Thank you to everyone who voted! The other nominees were mostly long-running nights in bigger venues, but clearly they didn't have fans as energetic and full of love as we do! You all rock!
(Something everyone can see for themselves October 27th - next Saturday - when we throw down with Jason Mundo, DJ Tomas and the almighty ZULU - plus guest VJ Zebbler)

We celebrated by going home (it was a Thursday and we are grad students with too much work), but last night we went out to Grime City (a great party, with a great crew behind it who are always supportive of Surya Dub and no doubt helped us win the award - nobody else nominated plays anything like dubstep and grime, while we do, alongside our usual eclectic bounce&bass). the special guests? ROSSI B and LUCA. oh my.

A truly outsanding set by a pair of super-skilled djs. The scratching was impressive, but what really worked was how they kept the sound moving, through deep+ bassy dubstep to wobble-bassline garage to banging grime and other beats. One of the most danceable and interesting sets I've seen at grime city - it worked both for the heads and for people stopping by to see what all the fuss was about. big up the djs!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Vote Surya Dub

If you want to support good music really pushing the edge of the club scene in San Francisco, vote for Surya Dub in the SFWeekly Best Club Night poll

Yes, Surya Dub has been nominated for Best Club night by the SF Weekly Music Awards 2007!

I am seriously proud of us and all the hard work we put into this party, and the nights are getting better and better - there is such a good crowd and everyone wants to dance and the music is reliably interesting, lively and fun --all in a huge soundsystem downstairs and a chill lounge upstairs.. you don't have to be a Bay Area resident, just a friendly supporter.


We have been around less than a year, which makes this even more special, as is the fact that we are the most diverse and creative lineup of sounds and styles listed -- In fact we are the only night representing Dubstep, Reggae, DnB, Breakbeat or Global Beats!

Please help us win by voting HERE by Oct 11th 2007!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

news in the industry vs. the people wars

MINNESOTANS!! Ok ok I know it's big state --Duluth-ians?

Recording Industry vs. the People is looking for citizen reporters to blog/report on the jury trial commencing Tuesday October 2nd in Virgin v. Thomas, where Brian Toder of Minneapolis will square off against Richard Gabriel of Denver.

They say you can phone or email them with updates as to what is going on, we will publish here reports or excerpts of reports throughout the trial. check their info out here.

This case is important because it is the first case the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), basically a propaganda and enforcement arm of EMI (Britain), Vivendi Universal (France) and Sony BMG (Japan and Germany) with Warner Music for is litigating inside the USA:, that's right, at least as far as I know -- nobody has ever been found guilty before a court or jury, in the US, in an RIAA-litigated case.

Here, the RIAA has no evidence that the defendant, Ms. Jammie Thomas, committed any copyright infringement. The RIAA has claimed that it will call Dr. Doug Jacobson (an RIAA "expert") and Cary Sherman as witnesses, as well as employees of the various record companies and of SafeNet/MediaSentry (which is a mediadefender type sleazeball company). They are going to try to claim an IP address is enough evidence to convict Ms. Thomas!

It will be interesting to see how it goes. Follow up on