Friday, December 26, 2008

holidays and all

It's been a hectic month - moving, preparing to leave the country, family stuff, Surya Dub, and other gigs.

But a quick update and cheers:

-big up BEAT RESEARCH for throwing a fantastic party. Hooray for DJ Flack and Wayne&wax who hosted a warm, lively crowd well into the wee hours. DJ Rizzla killed it on the early side, and then I played to the end to a super bouncy jolly crowd who were dancing from the first to the last record, and hollered for more when I stopped, so that the nice people at the club said "you can play another 10 minutes." A swell farewell to my US dj career for a while as I head overseas!

-big up Kid Kameleon, who is as always the greatest friend & partner anyone could have, deviser of awesome gifts, and who is starting a cool new project at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is full of awesome people (including the Sock Puppet Soundsystem's Jimmy Tones, one of my favorite people in the Bay)

-big up all the cool people & places who have hosted me this year - from Montreal to Jamaica Plain! The festivals and conferences like Mutek, PopMontreal, and the organizations who booked me like 826boston, and The Milky Way.

-big up the Bay Area, for being such a welcoming place for the past 5 years! shout outs to Club 6, the Surya Dub crew, 5lowershop, Havocsound, the readers of the SF Bay Guardian who voted me "best dance dj of 2008," big up the EFF, the Samuelson Law Technology & Public Policy Clinic, the Hip-Hop Scholars Working Group, the Berkeley Center for New Media, the Berkeley Art Museum (especially its awesome curator of digital art), Berkeley Students for Free Culture, and all the amazing people I have met --plus all the great places to eat: Papalote, Burma Superstar, Finfine, Tacubaya, Mission Pie, Bake Sale Betty, the Lakeshore Farmers' Market, Gioia Pizzeria, Guerilla Cafe and sigh.. Blue Bottle Coffee.

have a happy new year - I will be blogging from Jamaica so I'll be in touch one way or another.

Monday, December 01, 2008

year in technology and rights wrap-up (bye bye blogger)

(CC party info here)

It's been a great year as a columnist for WireTap. I feel like the many things I am involved in as a scholar, a DJ, and a journalist have all come together and helped me be a better advocate for some of the more incremental changes I think are possible, but also carve out more space for broader & deeper changes. But the change I'm going to start with is a very narrow specific change, what with the personal being political.

I'm going to try to migrate this blog off of Blogger by the end of the year. The reasons why actually tie together a great many of my posts from the past year at WireTap.

Here's why I am likely leaving Blogger.
I think they have handled the recent wave - the one directed at blogger - of RIAA crackdowns against music bloggers terribly. Blogger and Google (Blogger's parent company) have not respected the work of the people who make use of their service, and have gone beyond compliance to leaving their users stranded without recourse, plagued by bad-faith, automatized copyright complaints that are sweeping through the music blog world.

In many cases Blogger has taken down content that was up legally, as well as content that potentially or actually violates copyright law. So even bloggers trying to comply with the law at its narrowest are caught up in this. Those who engage with a broader vision of fair use and public discourse have been affected, alongside all kinds of other people who post music online.
In most cases they have not given sufficient information for bloggers to file a counterclaim. Not only have some posts disappeared without warning, but the content accompanying the links in question have disappeared. The Terms of Service say that Blogger will make a "good faith effort" to let you know, but that's clearly not a strong commitment to your work, since recently "good faith" has sometimes meant no notification at all. So take that as a sign of whose good faith they need the most. This is shady behavior, and it disrespects all the labor bloggers bring to Blogger, and all the value they create.

Blogger is a free service, so bloggers don't contribute directly financially. However as we participate in blogging, Google/Blogger mines our data like mad, getting information from the millions of eyes, click-patterns, and other information-generating practices of people who engage with Blogger products. In addition Blogger benefits from the prestige and cultural cache of the people who use it and read it. the more people participate, the more important it is, and the more valuable.

As Fred pointed out, Google has in the past taken on the legal defense of what he calls "silicon valley" - i.e. the tech companies that profit from enhancing or enabling our social practices. Many people have seen this as proof that Google (or technology) inherently supports our social practices - which also have rights attached. Freedom of speech and association, criticism, commentary, education, protest.. all of these rights are implicated by the practices tracked and presented by blogs, and people exercising these rights make use of technology like google's products. But Google and other companies have gotten a bit too much credit for the practices of the people who use them. These companies are not inherently engines for rights and freedoms. Because of how they are designed, they are as much likely to be engines of control or at least of surveillance. How do you think they gather the information that they profit from while providing so much free stuff?

I'm not pointing out a conspiracy as much as a mismatch of goals and functions. Even when they market themselves as a kind of a public service, and even as they come to function as one, they are private companies with private interests, mostly governed by private law. We saw this develop in the Net Neutrality debate - when the FCC classified what is transmitted on the internet as "information" instead of "communication. This defined actions on the internet as private/commercial, and not matters of public concern.

As a private company, Google also always has had the option to bargain over what they allow. They bargain directly with the other large corporations with in-house legal teams, and "bargain" with us over our uses of their services. Bargaining with the public, is what you see in Terms of Service agreements. How fair a bargain it is depends on how free you think people are to switch to a new service. In some cases, like ISPs or airwaves we don't have many chocies because there literally aren't that many. But even when there are techincally choices, the reality limits our choices in a few ways.

Paradoxically, the more useful, fun, and popular a service is, the less ability you have to bargain with them since they start monopolizing everything of value (ease of use, connection to others, fun). I have written about how unfair this bargain can be with respect to our privacy. It's also true that it can be hard to understand what you are bargaining over while the services understand extremely well the value of what you are giving them.

But that private bargaining goes against the effect and significance of these services' success: if blogs are a major way that we make ourselves present in the world, then they are an aspect of public life, and not just a private bargain like you have with a storage company who holds your extra furniture.

If you recognize the public functions of blogs - then Blogger's Terms of Service agreement have us grant away a lot that we might feel are similar to free speech rights. For example, bloggers have no legal recourse over their own content that Blogger deletes when it takes down a post.

So we contract out of our rights to engage with culture online, to converse & communicate online, to create, manipulate and use content online. Even though in the end we may not have so many choices, and though we may think it's worth it in this context or that, ultimately the scope of our rights are reduced.

But is the choice that we are offered is in bad faith? Sometimes - especially when they don't take our rights seriously as a baseline, as Blogger has demonstrated. That said, Blogger is under pressure from other companies or organizations like the RIAA and the AP was probably underpressure from having its business model collapse. My point is that the choice over these issues is not ultimately, a private one.

Until now, our expanded activities (sometimes misunderstood as expanded rights) have been the byproduct of Google's corporate interest, but only the most naive would argue that our rights are the same as Google's private business interests. And now we are seeing the fallout - it's been worth it to Google to settle with publishing houses over Google book search (with the result that we have no precedent about the public's right to read books and essentially the creation of a "license to read"). It seems unlikely that they will stand up to content owners on the more creative legal challenges to the takedowns - but the least they could do is actually give bloggers the information to challenge, and it would be best if they figured out a way to preserve everything but the offending link (block the site from public view but notify the blogger about the specific link so they can deal with it)?

Anyway, even though I don't post much in the way of mp3s, I'm pretty disgusted by the whole thing and will likely be migrating this blog away as soon as I can, hoping that the market solution will work in the short term. But these issues aren't going to go away, and ultimately we need to rewrite copyright law (shrink or alter the derivative works rights, expand fair use for starters) to prevent it from being used this way, and also alter internet law so that our human and constitutional rights are seen as present on the network rather than contracted away to all the private companies we use to get access to the network.

One ray of light: Google also has made grandiose claims about its value to society and its moral commitments, which lets us in on another kind of bargaining that the public may have some power over - the bargaining over public perception of the company. Google should be embarassed about how badly they have dealt with bloggers. Perhaps if there is more public criticism they will come up with fairer practices in the short term that treat us with more respect.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tapping away before heading to a potluck meal with friends and burning-man-campmates. Now I really feel like a californian, since burning man is definitely one axis along which I organize friends. not the main axis, but still..

Surya Dub last week was fantastic. I love the Bersa Discos sound and their audience too - very compatible mix of people and a great vibe. Hopefully we can link up again in the future - the global dread bass sounds are pretty unstoppable! Some good pictures up here

two more gigs for me before the end of the year

I'm playing the Creative Commons holiday party, at 111 Minna, on December 18th. I assume they will announce it soon and I'll have more info. Kid Kameleon will also represent.

And after I go back East to see my fam, I will be lucky enough to drop in to Beat Research and throw down alongside Rizzla. Should be dance party madness in Central Square..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

car recovered, music missing from the internets

Police found our car dumped at the end of a very sad street in SF (lots of boarded-up public housing and a pretty bleak-looking orphanage). It wasn't damaged much except for the broken window and everything movable gone. So it's been in the shop to get tidied up and re-keyed, hopefully we get it by the end of the week. woo!

In other news - I've been hearing a lot about the crackdown on music blogs that post music or links to music. Palms Out - one of the giants in the new club music scene ("blog house") has had their remix Sundays targeted and taken down by Blogger. This sucks, for lots of reasons. I will be writing about it in my next column for wiretap.

If anyone has had this happen to them (links or blog posts taken down, with or without warning --ESPECIALLY if there is no notification and things just disappear), post your contact info in the comments or get in touch with me please.

Friday, November 07, 2008

My weekend

after djing a party in a hay maze on Friday night... I'm speaking at this conference at the Berkeley Art Museum (which happens both Friday day and Saturday) :

and then, I'm going to the Brainfeeder showcase: Kode9, Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, Daedalus, Ras G, Martyn, Samiyam and more..

the bay area is a fun place.

Friday, October 31, 2008

going forward

Researching living options in Kingston, JA (for next year) continues apace.. looks like UWI will be at least the first stop (cross your fingers). Starting to link up with some very interesting and thoughtful people in Jamaica whom I hope will be good starting points for my research.

Looking back: Surya Dub was a lovely crowd, as always. Umoja really brought it - amazing selection and classic tunes all over the place. Unfortunately, Kid K and I left to find our car was stolen. hassle beyond hassle. Luckily our computers weren't in it. 1 week later and it still hasn't turned up -we even drove around some of the more industrial parts of San Fran to see if it was dumped there.. no luck.

o well. onward and, eventually, upward!

Friday, October 24, 2008

who needs to say more? THIS SATURDAY

Oh wow. just check this out - this, my peoples, is who we have coming to Surya Dub.

you know it's gonna blow up with an MC like that!

$5 adv tix at

Special Guests:
UMOJA HiFi Soundsystem (SF/LA/TX)

The Umoja Hi-Fi unites to celebrate their 15th year as a DJ crew. Umoja Hi-Fi was co-founded by DJ Daz (Darren Blackburn) and DJ Tomas (Tomas Palermo) in 1993, and was soon joined by DJ Culture D (Damon Arnone), DJ Jun (Jun Antazo) and Cokni O' Dire (O Williams). The crew's last member, Washington DC's Stevie G (Steve Gamboa), joined in 2000. At breakout LA club nights like Umoja Jazz & Ragga Lounge, B-Side and Chocolate Bar, the Umoja DJs established an eclectic blueprint for the LA club sound, one that included diverse but connected sounds from dancehall and hip-hop, to electronic beats, rare groove and house that typified the name Umoja, a Swahili word for unity.

The various members remain active in San Francisco (Tomas) and Dallas (Cokni O' Dire) and LA (Daz, Culture D and Jun) and continue to rock key parties such as Speaker Boxx at Carbon, Uprock 77, Sunset Junction, Coachella, The Standard, Firecracker and Do-Over. Umoja DJs have also opened for and shared stages with Shabba Ranks, Supercat, David Bowie, Tricky, Jamiriquoi, The Pharcyde, Lennie Kravitz, Freestyle Fellowship and Blood & Fire Soundsystem.
The Umoja 15-Year Anniversary gig in San Francisco will be a groundbreaking gathering. It's only the second appearance in San Francisco in 10 years for the entire DJ crew, and the first to feature founding members Daz and Culture D. Additionally, MC/DJ Cokni O' Dire – a radio and club DJ with Brooklyn, Jamaican and London roots – will emcee in two separate rooms throughout the night and spin a vintage reggae set. DJ Jun and Tomas will perform a two-hour tag-team dubstep and global bass set in Surya Dub's basement chamber. Expect a big night, boom tunes and DJs who live for their art. Pure vibes!

Sub Hz Den
Dubstep, Dread Bass Breaks & D'n'B, Ragga
Maneesh the Twister (Surya Dub, Dhamaal, Dub Mission - Best Club DJ SF Guardian) & Ripley (havoc sound, Surya Dub), Kid Kameleon (xlr8r, Surya Dub), Kush Arora (live Dubwize set - KAP, Surya Dub),
J. Rogers (Blipswitch, Surya Dub), Visuals by CONTACT (Surya Dub)

Inna Yard
Reggae, Dancehall, Bhangra, Global Beats
Jimmy Love (Non Stop Bhangra, Surya Dub), DJ Amar Electric vardo, Surya Dub)

Club Six - 60 6th street
Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More high points from Music Tech

the highest of high points - I won a TERABYTE Hard Drive in the raffle! Woohoo! thanks Seagate! It looks awesome and will actually not fill up immediately (which is what happened the last time I bought an external hard-drive and then got ambitious with media). I actually didn't know that was one of the prizes, I was going for the Les Paul Gibson beauty that was also being auctioned off. But I can sure use the storage.. it will also be great to backup my field recordings when I go to Jamaica.

I met a ton of fascinating people, and had a lot of good conversations. Including a lot of introductions - "oh you should meet x, who I was just talking to, she does just what you are interested in." I also got to make the case, repeatedly, for the importance of ethnographers in the tech world, an idea to which people were surprisingly receptive. There was even another lurking ethnographer, whom I had known before only as an internet connection from my online web journal days (back before they called it a blog): big up! 1995 internet peoples represent!

I was also well pleased to see Rickey Vincent there, moderating the Bay Area Funk panel. This man literally wrote the book on Funk. I know him from the UC Berkeley Hip-Hop Studies working group, which I haven't been involved with as much this semester, but I still have love for, and they are picking up and doing great things under revitalized leadership this year! I had to scale back because at the end of last year I suddenly found myself the sole remaining member of and since I do think it is a valuable student group I thought I should devote myself to getting it back to being self-sustaining. This we are doing - lots of great people involved already, and some cool guest speakers and conferences coming up - more on that soon.

Another interesting theme of the conference was Obama support - a variety of T-shirts from simple to cute ("Barack you like a hurricane"), the extreme point made by Robert Kaye from Musicbrainz who had his head shaved except for a circle at the back on which was dyed the Obama symbol. I guess despite FISA, techies still like Obama. Not that I disagree - at this point I'm just happy that there is someone who believes that sciences, research and experts have a place in government.

There was a very legal-technical panel called "Ethics and Music Law" which I was hoping was going to be a discussion of some of the big conundrums around music and law, but then I saw that it was for Continuing Legal Education credit, which usually means that it's a series of specific questions about how to stay consistent with the Bar Associations ethical guidelines. And it was. Still kind of interesting in that it opened up for me some of the specifics about how musicians and lawyers work together, but not as interesting to me as a deeper discussion of the issues might be: like if the panel was about taking more seriously how different musicians' goals & practices can be from legalistic approaches to goals and practices - not just framed as a problem for lawyers to educate musicians to think & act right, but as a possible clash between law-mindedness and other ways of being.

more updates soon - short promo: Surya Dub Oct 25th! and I'm playing a party in a hay maze south of Half Moon Bay on Nov 7th!

(oh and I learned the truth about acorn)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Music Tech etctechera

At the Music Technology Summit in SF. Some lively discussions - lots of interesting people here. Major Props to Rickey Vincent for stepping up to moderate the Bay Area Funk panel - good to see the UC Berkeley Hip-Hop Studies Working Group peoples representing.. and to see actual local music being featured at a technology conference.

Local-ness being something special that can't be digitally distributed - and also supporting connections to the local community outside of Silicon Valley.

I also got a thrill because Paris just walked by.. I remember listening to his stuff back in 1991.

more to report later, I'm sure.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

out in the field.. in the studio..

Last week I did my first four hours of studio observation for my pilot project. I'm researching musicians' practices in the process of music-making to see how they implicate copyright law. (I use the word "implicate" because I'm having a hard time finding a word that could suggest law affecting practices but also practices having implications for law, but it's that 2-way relationship that I'm most expecting to find and that I don't want to obscure or ignore.) Those of you who have followed along, especially last summer's 2 months in Jamaica, might remember what this is building up to - an ethnography of Jamaican musicians in the context of Jamaican and international copyright law.

The pilot project is on musicians in the Bay Area, to map out some of the ways copyright law comes up in the recording and rehearsing process. By trying to sketch out some of the different ways the law is visible among musicians in the process of creating, I hope to get a sort of vocabulary of things to look out for in the Jamaican music-making process. Ultimately it will all become part of a schema for a comparative study about copyright law and music-making. By focusing on the music-making aspect - the beginning of th creative process, I am going to focus on something that hasn't been so much studied in terms of copyright law's effects. It's easier to track how the law manages the products of music-making (music-recordings), and this has been done in various ways. But what actually happens with decisions in the music-making process? This is what I can't demonstrate in my panel today at the Free Culture Conference. I will be playing music recordings (the product) and talking about what they suggest about the process of making it. But I will be reallye excited to come back from my research with some discussions about music-making (and recording) that rely on evidence from observing the making itself.

Just like article writing, it's easy to see an end product as a series of triumphs and a logical progression of decisions: I thought this, I researched it, and I got a conclusion. Wa-hey! But the process is usually much messier and relies more on chance, setting, social connections and interactions, mistakes, battles, and compromises. I imagine that may be true for music-making as well. In both cases accounts of processes can tell us something important about the conditions of creation - which could help us improve those conditions if we thought it was important.

By the way, if anyone in the Bay Area is in a band, and wouldn't mind letting me observe a rehearsal or two or some studio recording sessions, leave me a note in the comments. I will keep identities confidential (if you want that can include no blogging at all about my experience, otherwise I might write but would keep the identity of the band/people anonymous).

Also if anyone has ideas for more funding for this work, I've gotten some, but living in Kingston is not cheap at all, so I am still working on more. Any sources, public and private, beyond the usual (SSRC, Fulbright, Wenner Gren Foundation, Soroptimist, NSF) much appreciated.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

brief recap from Montreal

Spent the past 6 days in Montreal at the Popmontreal festival/symposium. What a brilliant experience.

  • the high attendance at all the panels I attended and was on
  • the mainly very good questions from the audience
  • the fact that the audience was mostly musicians & artists themselves (I've been to many panel discussions about music that is full of academics, or journalists & industry people, but this was really dominated by artists who wanted to talk about the big picture or their own experience or both - really great)
  • the incredibly high number of good-looking, stylish people everywhere, who were also really nice and engaged and not at all stuck-up
  • The Persuasions busting out some a capella on St. Laurent while waiting for their ride back to the hotel
  • the fact that the last day was all workshops - how to build a contact mic, how to circuit bend
  • the food & coffee
  • Rustie's set at the Rustie/Hudson Mohawke/Megasoid show. Big, bassy, eclectic - getting new hip-hop kids into dubstep, rather than seasoning dubstep with hip-hop
  • Hanging out with Geko Jones and Jah Dan - quality people (and thanks for the Dutty Artz shirt!)
  • an enormous awesome greek meal with Geko, JD, Kid K, and some cool peops from Ninja Tune.
  • an enormous awesome Indian takeaway with Off the International Radar and some good friends including my brilliant & talented host
  • the Baltimore Round Robin - an amazing concept well-executed and totally entertaining. A big warehouse room in which the BRR crew had set up around 5 small sound systems in a horseshoe shape around the edge, some with lights or projection screens, and each system had someone perform one song, and then boom the show would switch to another system. The audience would run across the space to be in front of the next performer. There were bands, spoken word, video art, performance art, electronic fun. I think Dan Deacon was the mastermind, or one of them. It was fantastic and hilarious.
  • my brokeness preventing me from buying a lot of presents and things at the art/craft fair (which was adorable).
  • my brokeness preventing me from eating out quite as much as I liked
  • the fact that there were so many shows every night that I couldn't get to all of them
  • missing Sister Nancy because she began so much later than advertised that I had to run to the next show I wanted to catch
overall a fantastic time and I can't wait for next year! (will post more specific recaps soon)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Free Culture conference & party in Berkeley!

I'm happy to say that UC Berkeley students have started their own chapter of Students for Free Culture, as of the end of last semester. And this semester --this week, in fact-- they have organized a Free Culture conference. It's on Berkeley campus, Saturday & Sunday Oct 11th and 12th, and it's pay-what-you-can.

Saturday, the first day has some great speakers from across the free culture spectrum. Including a panel on remix culture that I will be speaking on. and that night we are doing a Free Culture dance party at Blake's on Telegraph, with one of my favorite bloggers/thinkers/dance-craze-instigators Dj Lone Wolf! plus recently relocated DJ Refusenik, myself, and DJ Kid Kameleon. It starts early --8pm-- and is 18+ before 10pm so come on out and warm up your saturday night in style.

Sunday will be more workshop-oriented - come and get your wiki on, it will be created by the participants.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Na, wie Geht's - I mean SA VAH?

***edited to add: the symposium sessions are all being filmed, and will be up on the website. nice one!***

In Montreal, having just arrived. Preparing for Popmontreal.

I'm doing a listening session, a panel, and a DJ gig, plus getting to hang out in Mile End and meet cool people all over the place.

If you are in or near Montreal, come out for some or all events!

Kid Kameleon is also in town, on two panels and moderating one, and djing as well, so there's really no excuse.

plus, The Bug & Warrior Queen play here tomorrow night!

I'm impressed with many of the panels here - the way the descriptions spell out some of the relevant issues, it seems really in touch with questions a lot of music-makers and music-lovers have. What I like best, reading it now, is all the ways the presentation of the issues separates out issues of power, issues of culture, issues of representation, issues of pleasure and issues of law - although they are all intertwined, solving a problem in terms of representation doesn't necessarily solve it in terms of any of the other things. It's nice to see that represented.

Coming from the legal world, where solving things for law (in terms of "making people's actions legal") is often the goal, even if that doesn't make everything fun, fair or good art.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get ready!!

Been lucky enough to spend some time with Warrior Queen & The Bug this week, after they landed in San Francisco for the first time. Quality peoples, with quality musical knowledge - and a proper appreciation for the best ice cream in town.

They head down to Los Angeles to blow up the Pure Filth party on Friday, and then back up here for Surya Dub - the super-low-price advance tickets are gone, but you can still get reduced price at the door before 11pm. this one is gonna be a scorcher! Maga Bo representing from Rio across the world, and Daneekah from the Coo-Yah reggae parties here too!

the new video for skeng just came out, and it's as raw as the Poison Dart one was slick (apologies for my blog's poor layout, you can also check it at this site:

get hyped up for some proper dread bass! Don't say we never do anything for you, after this show we are practically a public service for bay area dub needs.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

LIMITED advance tix for The Bug &Warrior Queen and Maga bo

last few days to get advance tickets! check the insanely detailed flyer we put together for you and then GO GET'EM! or, you can come on the day and pay $18, which is totally worth it

This is all part of the plan to bring to San Francisco the kind of eclectic, genre-smashing but still inclusive dancing vibe so rare in the club scene. A little bit of warehouse party love, in a big space. Tho truly, Club Six's downstairs is raw enough for a proper 1995-style jungle party, cement floors and all..
Surya Dub News & Events

September 2008 News and Events

Hey Friends

The UK's The Bug and the unstoppable Warrior Queen debut
in Northern Cali for the first time at Surya Dub this month
in support of
London Zoo (Ninja Tune).
Also on hand are Maga Bo
and Daneekah! Oh and just added:
The Bug and Warrior Queen will do a short in-store
at Amoeba on Monday 9/22 at 6pm
and will also sign a few things.

Get your Limited Discount Advance tix now as
they will not be available closer to the show date.

Surya Dub on Facebook!
"Never let them say that Dub doesn't move with the times,
and Surya Dub is no exception,from cutting-edge,
future-reaching artists and sounds to new uses of technology.
As more and more of the Bay Area finds out about events
through Facebook, we could no longer ignore it, and so
we've started a little community. Join here! We promise not to
spam, you'll just get a once monthly event announcement
about the upcoming show, and while there you'll be able to
check out pictures and video of previous events.


Surya Dub
Uniting All Dubwize Sounds
Global Dubwize Vibes & Dread Bass Culture
Saturday September 27th, 2008


Limited Adv at

The time has come for one of the most highly anticipated shows to hit San Francisco.

Surya Dub, SF Guardian's Best of the Bay for Best Ambassadors of Dread Bass,
welcomes none other than The Bug alongside Warrior Queen

hot off his new release London Zoo on Ninja Tune Recordings.
The Bug has spanned the range from heavy dubwize production to noise and metal
as part of Techno Animal/God but has found his place as a leading voice
in the Dubstep and bass crunk communities. Also for this special performance
the elusive and extraordinary Warrior Queen debuts in SF with her
electrifying presence which is sure to blow up the spot.
The eclectic int'l Maga Bo who recently released Archipelagoes
on Soot Records, packs a slammin palette of beats spanning the globe and
brings a wicked live set.

Local fav and selectress Daneekah rounds out the vibes with top ranking
roots and dancehall to keep ya winding and bouncing all night long.
We've got special limited advance tix so don't sleep on this one of a kind event!

Special Guests:

The BUG & Warrior Queen (Ninja Tune, Reflex, Soul Jazz, Hyperdub)

Maga Bo (Soot Records, Rio De Janeiro)

Daneekah (Cooyhah!, Miss Trees Hi-Fi)

Sub Hz Den
Dubstep, Dread Bass Breaks & D'n'B, Ragga
Maneesh the Twister (Surya Dub, Dhamaal, Dub Mission - Best Club DJ SF Guardian) &
Ripley (havoc sound, Surya Dub), Kid Kameleon (xlr8r, Surya Dub),
Kush Arora (live Dubwize set - KAP, Surya Dub),
J. Rogers
(Blipswitch, Surya Dub),
Visuals by CONTACT (Surya Dub)

Inna Yard
Reggae, Dancehall, Bhangra, Global Beats

Jimmy Love (Non Stop Bhangra, Surya Dub), DJ Amar Electric vardo, Surya Dub)

Club Six
Saturday, September 27th, 2008

60 6th St b/w Mission & Market
Advance Tix and reduced admission b4 11:00pm at
$18 door | 10:00pm-3:00am | 21 + | 415.863.1221 - FRIEND US!

Become part of the SD comm
unity on Facebook


September 22nd THE BUG & Warrior Queen @ Amoeba

September 27th THE BUG & WARRIOR QUEEN @
Surya Dub






Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fat Joe calls Daddy Yankee a Sellout for endorsing McCain

From MTV News, via Lamin and wayne

Fat Joe also challenges Daddy Yankee to a debate on the issues. Man, that would be interesting. I never heard Fat Joe talking politics before and I'm impressed. Certainly better than the vapid pundettes currently sucking up to republicans to defend Sarah Palin.

"Put this in the MTV News headline: 'Fat Joe Says Daddy Yankee Is a Sellout,' " the MC said via phone from Denver, where he's attending the Democratic National Convention. "Just like that! I gotta go in. I'm talking to little cousins that like [Yankee] and all that, and they're starting to believe that John McCain is [the best candidate]. I can't have that.

"I opened the newspaper and got sick to my stomach," Joe continued. "I felt like I wanted to vomit when I seen that. The reason why I called him a sellout is because I feel he did that for a [publicity] look, rather than the issues that are affecting his people that look up to him. How could you want John McCain in office when George Bush and the Republicans already have half a million people losing their homes in foreclosure? We're fighting an unjust war. It's the Latinos and black kids up in the frontlines, fighting that war. ... We over here trying to take the troops out of Iraq and bring peace. This guy immediately wants war. If not with Iraq or Afghanistan, he'll start a new one with Iran. I feel real disgusted that Daddy Yankee would do that. Either he did that for a look, or he's just not educated on politics."

Joe said he's more than willing to educate Yankee on each of the politicians' platforms.

"If he believes John McCain is the better candidate for the Latinos," Joe said, "we could sit down. Even if he wants to get into a debate, we can debate anywhere — New York, Puerto Rico."

The Grammy-nominated lyricist is especially enthralled with Obama's promise for improved and universal health care. That issue still hits home for the rap veteran.

"Like I said, with me, my whole philosophy on blacks and Latinos is: We're all one," he said. "We're in the same ghettos, same inner cities, and we're suffering from the same problems. Every problem the blacks have, the Latinos have. There's two systems of health care: the one for the rich that's really good, then there's the one for the inner city, where they leave ladies in the emergency room unattended for 24 hours until they drop dead. ... People don't even check on her hours after she's dead. This is normal stuff. This is what's happening in the U.S."

Joe blames inferior health care for a tragedy he and his family suffered years ago.

"My own sister — to me she was murdered by doctors," he claimed. "She was having a baby in the Bronx, and they gave her an epidural — a normal procedure that was supposed to numb her from the waist down. They numbed her from the waist up, because they had amateurs learning in the Bronx hospitals. Not even real doctors — students murdered my sister in the inner city, in the Bronx. I love what Barack is doing with the heath care system. Once he gets universal health care for everybody, then we gotta step up our system to make it the best in the world."

"....George Bush and the Republicans turned the whole country around to where our dollar is worth half the Euro dollar. Your man John McCain wants to continue the same tactics of the Bush organization. Why should my man Daddy Yankee be endorsing McCain? This is the only urban guy in the universe to endorse John McCain. You got people who look up to [Yankee] — young teenagers that look up to him and might make the wrong choice. John McCain is the wrong thing to do. I don't think the Republicans care much about minorities"

Right on, Fat Joe.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Warrior Queen, The Bug, and Maga Bo this September

Back from Burning Man. Big shouts to the Nexus sound system, Batcountry, Dj $mallchange, the Tasty SF crew (photos from our duststorm bbq dance party to follow),

but also, get ready for the biggest and best Surya Dub yet. We are privileged to bring from the UK, Warrior Queen, the killer vocalist from JA/UK and beyond, with The Bug, yardcore producer extraordinaire, with roots back to metal and industrial, underlaid with heavy sounds from jamdown.. and as if that weren't enough we have got Maga Bo as well, bring global beats breaks and lyrics from his truly worldwide travels

This video of the Bug & Warrior Queen is doing it for me lately

And here's an example of Maga Bo's globe hopping

don't sleep on this show!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rupture and more this weekend!

Unfortunately, I will be at a wedding this weekend, so I won't make what is likely to be one of my favorite shows this year.

DJ /rupture is not only one of the smartest and most provocative bloggers around, but also one of the smartest and most provocative DJs around. Neither of those things preclude the dancfloors under his influence from being absolutely slammin with block-rocking beats.

This cat has put immense energy, intensity and focus into bringing together musics from all over the world and cutting them together on the dancefloor in a way that truly ruptures mental (and political) maps, bleeding borders and languages together and underlining it all with earth-fed bass force.

Add to that dubstep juggernaut Dave Q of NY's mighty Dub War, plus local drumnbass/dubstep fave Miss Haze, and the reggae and hip-hop-soul-funk forces of Dj I-Vier and Coop'D'Ville.. well.. it's beyond masalacized this time. Whatever your favorite dish of a million spices is, this is it in musical form. I'm thinking the Vegetarian combo platter plus tuna special at Finfine ethiopian restaurant, but that's just me...

Club Six
Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
60 6th St b/w Mission & Market
Reduced admission b4 10:30pm at : $10 door : 10:00pm-3:00am : 21 + : 415.863.1221

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Music on the Playa

It's finally happening - I'm going to Burning Man. the only things I have on my schedule (and I know how loose these times may turn out to be) are listed below. Kid Kameleon and I will both be there, and have mostly landed gigs together. If you are on the Playa, check out these locations for guaranteed good music and no trance (at least while either of us are up)!

6-8PM Ripley @ Sol System Happy Hour - 9:30-ish and Dart-ish (We think)
2-4AM Ripley and Kid K @ Nexus - 2AM Kid K, 3AM Ripley - 2 and Allante

Wednesday (ripley's birthday)
6-8PM Kid K @ Sol System Happy Hour - 9:30-ish and Dart-ish (We think)
Late - Ripley and Kid K @ Cyphertown? TBC - 2 and Fairlane

11PM-1AM? Ripley and Kid K @ Bat Country - "around 1:00 PM and way the fuxk out there" @ Dadara Checkpoint
3AM-5AM Ripley and Kid K @ Image Node - 9 and Esplanade

4-5:30PM -Kid K @ Tasty - 7:30 and Dart
9PM - Kid K @ Bootie - AUTOMATIC SUBCONCIOUS - 8:30 and Esplanade (The Hive)

4-5PM - Ripley @ Tasty - 7:30 and Dart

TBD some evening
"a 60 foot bamboo lanternfish art car" "we're camped at 8 and D. look for the fish"
This is by the crew out of LA.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tomorrow in Chinatown

Courtesy of the Staypuft DJ, I have been invited to play at his new event The Night Kitchen, alongside Los Angeles' Ricky Def, and Kid Kameleon. The location: the Li Po Lounge, a raw little basement underneath a dive bar in Chinatown. Its a great spot, I've played there before, but you gotta watch your head and your feet, nothing is quite level.

Nastysonix presents: THE NIGHT KITCHEN
Thu 8/14 (10PM) @ Li Po Lounge Cost: $5
916 Grant st. San Francisco, CA 94108 Map

Come out for some musical treats!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

out of the mouths of robots

A google search for my dj name brought up a broken link & thumbnail to some kind of spam blog that has mangled something to do with one of my old gigs... i think.. but it also could be my new bio:

"Subscribe to in chief peoples, herself’s era being as how the thanks to-burden decrescence within the Helios by dint of DJ Ripley. Jamaican written music except the 60s and 70s is the the times(hereby few french muffer slinky intake "

Monday, July 28, 2008

holla from the beaches..

I'm on Cape Cod, now, watching huge thunderstorms swallow the summer and spit it out, sweaty and humid, for a hazed-sun day or two. Purple lightning bolts flip the lights on outside almost every night. Strangeness, air pressure, ozone.

A quick excursion to Martha's Vineyard, a place I'd never been before, for a gig with DJ Flack, Wayne&wax and our host Dj Tigerbeatz, at Che's Lounge right in Vineyard Haven

resort towns are a funny vibe. But the party warmed up nicely and we ran overtime (till bored beach cops circled the party sharklike). Tigerbeatz played some good breaky clickys tunes and some of her own remixes -nice nice! then Flack rolled up with the classic 90s sounds, mixed with warm-toned tracks from recent days. Wayne's live set gets more complex and bumpin' every time - he built it up and steered us into ominous dubstep territory. I shook up baltimore breaks, blog house, 2step, bhangra, and the balkan tunes I could round up (since tigerbeatz rocks te balkan beats party more often than not) and then steered us back a few bpms with some clicky remixes and cutup dancey sounds - the Carl Craig remix of Cesaria Evora's Angola over some frikstailers, a nice long layer of sound, into the Malorix tune Belsalama. These three tunes make me think about the discussion sparked by Matt Shadetek's fantastic post up at Dutty Artz about the right way to make music (if I follow it correctly)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh Em Gee its LAZER SWORD!!

Tonight in SF!! this is gonna be out of control.. don't miss it!

Uniting All Dubwize Sounds
Global Dubwize Vibes & Dread Bass Culture
Saturday July 26th 2008 @ Club Six
Get in For $5 before 10:30pm by signing up at -->

Lazer Sword (Briefcase Rockers) Lazer Bass? Future Blap? Aqua Crunk? While critics throw phrases around trying to figure out what the heck to call the new crunked up, synth-heavy, low-end sound boomin? out the world?s speakers, Lazer Sword are fiercely blazing a hip-hop trail through every genre from techno, grime and hyphy to IDM and psych rock. San Francisco heads Antaeus Roy AKA Lando Kal and Bryant Rutledge AKA LL have been bouncing beats back and forth for the past couple years, honing their live set with original productions and fresh re-edits of current rap tunes, and getting compared to Montreal?s Megasoid, LA?s Glitch Mob and Flying Lotus, and Scotland?s Rustie and Hudson Mohawke along the way. But their sample-heavy, trigger-happy sound is all their own, and while the world waits for their first EP to drop on B.E.A.R. recordings, come hear'em at Surya Dub and find out what it's like to get hit with the musical version of one of those lightning bolts from Mariokart, the kind that blows the competition away and makes you feel bad ass while doing it.

Monkeytek(Lo Dubs, Portland) Monkeytek hails from the great NW of Portland OR and has been djing for over 12 years. His style is anchored by dub vibes and dread bass, oldskool jungle and dub and so... dubstep. He also co-runs LoDubs Records and Various, Portland's premier night of bassheavy music, alongside his pal Ryan Organ (Aleutian Audio). Monkeytek & Ryan Organ hold down the night monthly and since it's inception in December 2006, Various has featured appearances by DZ, Deville, Struggle & DJ Collage, 6BLOCC aka R.A.W., Kode9, Starkey, E3, Coda, Jon A.D., Dial M, Alter Echo, E.R.S. One, SPL, Noah D, Kyle T., Rubik, The Bassist & Mecca. He can also be found on the airwaves hosting a show on Sub FM. SD welcomes Monkeytek back to his NoCal roots and to rock SD. Check out his mixes at

Green B (One Love, Coo-Yah!) It was the release of Buju's Til Shiloh in 1995 that hooked this selecta on dancehall music. Her appetite could not be satisified, whether buying mixcds on Venice Beach or listening to all the big 45's coming out of JA with her mentors in Boston, Green B's love of reggae music could not be laid to rest. Addicted to keeping up on all the new reggae/dancehall riddims & moving the dance floor on the regular, Green B loves bringing the irie vibes. She is on constant rotation in the Bay Area, holding down multiple weeklies: Coo-Yah! @ Brunos, Church @ Il Pirata, as well as a monthly joint, OneLove, every second Friday @ Poleng. Lace up her schedule with mad appearances at pretty much every reggae party in the Bay, and you got yourself a lady who's in full production...BOOM!

Sub Hz Den
Dubstep, Dread Bass Breaks & D'n'B, Ragga
Special Guests:
Lazer Sword (Briefcase Rockers, SF)
Monkeytek (Lo Dubs, Portland)
Pus Residents:
Maneesh the Twister (Surya Dub, Dhamaal, Dub Mission - Best Club DJ SF Guardian) & Ripley (havoc sound, Surya Dub), Kid Kameleon (xlr8r, Surya Dub),
Visuals by CONTACT (Surya Dub)
MC Daddy Frank pon da mic

Inna Yard
Special Guest:
Green B(One Love, Coo-Yah!)
Kush Arora (KAP, Surya Dub) - Special Dancehall Session
Reggae, Dancehall, Bhangra, Global Beats
Plus Residents:
Jimmy Love (Non Stop Bhangra, Surya Dub)
DJ Amar Electric vardo, Surya Dub)

Club Six
Saturday, July 26th, 2008
60 6th St b/w Mission & Market
Reduced admission b4 10:30pm at
$10 door | 10:00pm-3:00am | 21 + | 415.863.1221 - FRIEND US!