Tuesday, January 29, 2008

escaping the rain..

There seemingly is no escaping the rain in the Bay Area these days. But spending my time indoors preparing my dissertation prospectus and working on copyright law reform is warming in its own way.

I am thinking ahead to several trips that will likeley be much less rainy..

1) a trip to Los Angeles Feb 28-Mar 2nd.. Anyone in SoCal want to hook me and Kid Kameleon up with a gig or two?

2) Montreal in July! Also looking for gigs there at least around May 29 - June 1, and maybe for a few days on either side of that

3) next fall I am hoping to spend 7 months in Jamaica doing research on creative practices in music (especially observing recording studio sessions), any contacts, hints and suggestions welcome on that one. (actually given last summer's hurricane experience not sure JA will be less rainy, just more concentrated rain)

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