Monday, January 28, 2008


Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to all come out and rocked the party

we provided CAKE and CANDY and NOISEMAKERS and LITTLE PLASTIC SKULL RINGS oh yeah and MASSIVE BASS and you all did the rest!!

and my apologies:

Apparently the club hired new security - that's part of why the line was so long and moved so slowly.. in the rain, too! SO all of you that stuck it out are even more fantastic than you were for getting in there and warming up the dancefloor from the minute the music started (woo!)

- but I think I made it up to y'all by djing one of my favorite sets in a while. The past crazy week made me really crave some detroit-flavored juke and bouncecore.. which I think I provided, mixed with some garage, dubstep and, well, Ray Charles doing the Mess Around. Because I love it so.

anyway thank you all for making it a great beginning for Surya dub, onward and upward in 2008!

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