Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Los Angeles Bound!

While Kid Kameleon heads to the I-School conference at UCLA, I will be kicking around the city. Mostly doing homework, but with time out for some socializin and for this on Saturday night:


It's at Barcade, in Koreatown, a place with vintage video games, drinks, and dubstep! 371 N. Western Ave, 10pm..

I hope to see my SoCal peeps out there..

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thanks for another great month

Thanks everyone for coming out to Surya Dub on Saturday.

Another great night at Club Six!

I warmed up the crowd downstairs (while Amar did the same up Inna Yard).. Starting with glitchy bouncy hip-hop from around the world and mixing into some classic jungle and jump-up tunes - I had'em dancing by 11pm - thank you everyone for being ready to shake it from beat #1! Starting without inhibitions about getting on the dancefloor = more dancing time. One of the many reasons I love the Surya Dub crowd is their laserlike focus on fun without self-consciousness. (photos from my set to follow)

Tommy Lexxus laid down some dark and heavy beats, which drew in the bass addicts..


while some of the crowd who are new to that eventually fled upstairs to be soothed and jiggled by Dj Zita's deep and dancey reggae sounds (plus M.I.A. woo! that album works everywhere).


Later, local stalwart (now residing up north in Sebastapol) Dragonfly of the Groove Garden got people bouncing with jolly breaks.


And Kid Kameleon absolutely slayed the crowd at the end of the night with some truly ridonkulous bmore remixes (note dragonfly cracking up on the right) - This was what happened after he played the "money for nothing" remix courtesy of the Finnish Top Billin crew.


Check the full set of my photos from the night - I'll edit this and post links to more as they go up..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saturday night - don't miss it!

this Saturday is Surya Dub time. I'm on early in the downstairs room so show up by 10:30 well-prepared to shake it on the dancefloor. Do your part to contribute to the collective learning of the social body! I mean shake it!

thanks to all who came out last month to our 1-year anniversary party - it was fantastic night. If you want to see some of what you missed, here's the pics from the show. And thanks again for making Surya Dub Best Club Night in 2007 and giving us Best DJ Honors as well!

This month don’t let the rain keep you away from Surya Dub because we have dj/producer badman Tommy Lexxus who's toured around the world last year and is launching his new Bassism label this year. Also on the bill is the eclectic & dynamic DJ Dragonfly of the Groove Garden and local favorite DJ Zita debuting her new sound Bay Area Sistah Sound crew - B.A.S.S - we love BASS!

At Club Six: Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
60 6th St b/w Mission & Market
$5 b4 10:30pm http://www.going.com/SuryaDubFeb23 /$10 door
10:00pm-3:00am | 21 + | 415.863.1221

Friday, February 15, 2008

big tings!

lots coming up!

some gigs (check Myspace for details):
the next Surya Dub on Feb 23
Makeout Sessions (with lovely hosts Ultra violet and Kozee, Emu, Babylon System, Dubworth and MC Duh and other guest Maneesh tha twister) on March 8 - this one will be wubbity breaky for me
Shelter on March 18 - more thundery breakcore jungle darkness.. thinking of pulling out some of the more epic/cinematic dark jungle sounds from the Johnny Jungle era..

and I will be in Los Angeles with Kid Kameleon, looking for a gig on Friday the 29th, aand got a little one on Saturday with the LA Dub Squad..

ALSO on March 8 I will be at the "Legal Futures Conference" - check out the lineup of speakers owooo (my fantasy dissertation committee) - before heading back to SF for the stormin jungle gig

And then later on in the month, Kid K and I are planning to head up Nawth to the Portland area March 24-31 or so (any gig ideas there give us a shout as well), just to see people and travel around..

But both of us are planning to (hopefully) go up to the Experience Music Pop Conference in Seattle the next weekend - check out that lineup too! (it's the other half of my fantasy dissertation committee)

finishing the last of my fellowship applications
working on my diss prospectuc
working on an article to be published in a communications journal
working on a paper for the Copyright Reform Project - anyone want to tell me what is special about improvisatory performance and do you think it should be copyrighted upon performance without being in a fixed form?

Monday, February 04, 2008

recent sad history of industry, music and students

In a lot of my posts for WireTap magazine, in conversations with friends and artists around the world, the theme of the "content industry" vs. students has become pretty evident. Students are the targets of corporate and government surveillance for several reasons. Some of the more obvious are:

Young people, many away from their parents or at least developing youth-centered peer groups away from adult control, have historically been the objects of broad social anxiety and moral panics

Young people in college are still attached to an institution which to some extent keeps track of them and has records of some of their behavior.

This has led to the demand for colleges to exercise further surveillance and control over students. I noticed it when the Immigration "services" was pressuring professors to report on the suspected immigration status of their students. It's clearly not colleges' jobs to be cops, INS agents, etc, and beyond that, taking on that role works directly against the actual project of education. But those who want to track and control especially the youth can't resist. More recently, the RIAA and MPAA have focused on college students as people to blame for the decline of the corporate music industry. I wrote a few months ago about their attempts to manipulate federal funding for education to enhance the corporate position. But that was just the latest in a long string of actions by various groups to intimidate college students.

Now, p2pnet has compiled some of that history. It's pretty fascinating.

(reposted from the Rock & Rap confidential mailing list:
History of RIAA battle with college students

p2pnet.net has put together a fascinating retrospective on the RIAA's war against college students, commenced February 28, 2007. The campaign is described as one to 'force "consumers" to buy what they're told to buy — corporate "content," as the Big 4 call their formulaic outpourings.' In a scathing indictment not only of the major record labels, but of those schools, administrators, and educators who have yet to take a stand against it, Jon Newton reviews a number of landmark moments in the 11-month old 'reign of terror'. They include the announcement of the bizarre 'early settlement' sale, the sudden withdrawal of a case in which a 17 year old Texas high school student had been subpoenaed while in class during school hours to attend a deposition the very next day during his taking of a standardized test, the call by Harvard law professors for the university to fight back when and if attacked, and the differing reactions by other schools.

here's the link.