Monday, February 25, 2008

Thanks for another great month

Thanks everyone for coming out to Surya Dub on Saturday.

Another great night at Club Six!

I warmed up the crowd downstairs (while Amar did the same up Inna Yard).. Starting with glitchy bouncy hip-hop from around the world and mixing into some classic jungle and jump-up tunes - I had'em dancing by 11pm - thank you everyone for being ready to shake it from beat #1! Starting without inhibitions about getting on the dancefloor = more dancing time. One of the many reasons I love the Surya Dub crowd is their laserlike focus on fun without self-consciousness. (photos from my set to follow)

Tommy Lexxus laid down some dark and heavy beats, which drew in the bass addicts..


while some of the crowd who are new to that eventually fled upstairs to be soothed and jiggled by Dj Zita's deep and dancey reggae sounds (plus M.I.A. woo! that album works everywhere).


Later, local stalwart (now residing up north in Sebastapol) Dragonfly of the Groove Garden got people bouncing with jolly breaks.


And Kid Kameleon absolutely slayed the crowd at the end of the night with some truly ridonkulous bmore remixes (note dragonfly cracking up on the right) - This was what happened after he played the "money for nothing" remix courtesy of the Finnish Top Billin crew.


Check the full set of my photos from the night - I'll edit this and post links to more as they go up..

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