Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Flying Lotus

Another Surya Dub has come and gone.. this time our special guests were Flying Lotus (up from Los Angeles) and Dhruva (out from NYC)

This was one of the best ones yet! (We could still fit another hundred people easily into that space though.. so don't be shy and come out to next month's..) Kush Arora warmed up the downstairs den (with a good crew of dancers even at an earlier slot) - he debuted some new tunes in an almost acid-house style a bit more bumpin' although still glitched out and Arorized in that way he has... while Maneesh laid down the reggae sounds upstairs for the gathering crowd.

Kid K and I did a tag team - one of the first in a long long time. And it was a blast! We planned out a bit of it, but left a lot open and it really worked. Starting with our roots - the 90/180 bpm of hiphop and reggae mixed with jungly breaks.. and then switching to dubstep tempo but including lots of wigged-out remixes and basslineish sounds.

(I heard good reports about Ross Hogg, as usual the man knows his reggae sounds and always brings a bumpin' party, but our set overlapped). And later Ras Gilbert brought the soulful mystic reggae selection.

As Kid K and were playing the crowd downstairs grew and grew. As usual, it was a friendly, high-energy scene, with the exception of a row of mostly stone-faced trainspotters who lined up and hung over the railing between the dj/performer space and the crowd staring at all the entertainers. I think they were happy, but it's just not as fun to see a line of people standing there staring at you as it is to see people responding physically to your music. (FlyLo concurred with this, so all you fans listen up and loosen up next time!) If you looked over the line of faces, you could see everyone getting down in their own way, lost in the music or waving and screaming at their favorite song.

Upstairs Dj Jimmy Love rocked out the crowd with his special mix of bhangra-influenced bass music. YOu can check the pix as they go up at if you don't believe me!

FlyLo laid down some deep and dreamy vibes, then crunked it out and got all synthy with a mad mad maaaad re-fix of Daedalus' "Hours Minutes Seconds" (best use of War Games samples yet). I had just played the original at Matador a few weeks ago, but whatever the heck he did to it live was just out of control.

The biggest surprise to me was the sudden foray into politics with a hilarious pro-bama loop,* also by FlyLo's Los Angeles compadre Daedalus under a side project name.

Dj Amar wapped up the night with a glitchy bouncy set that had the late-night crew wiggling madly till the lights came up.

A lot of new faces in the crowd, for this set, but what was nice is they came early and stuck around later, mixing in with our Surya Dub regulars, who are seriously the nicest crowd in a club in SF. People are unpretentious, multifarious, and totally down to dance to nearly anything. A good number of the crew always stays to the end when the lights come up at 3, by which time everyone is talking to everyone and making friends. Looking around it made me proud to be a part of it - the friendly unpretentious vibe (which doesn't preclude some serious dressing up in a pretty wide range of styles, from grills to muppet fur to tuxedo shirts and fur hats to head wraps to fitted caps and white tees), the people hell-bent on dancing and having a good time, the bass weight sound system. Next month - Dub Gabriel will rock your socks!

*there are some truly nasty youtube videos in the "similar" section. the nasty sexism that revels in humiliation scenes of hillary or hillary-a-likes is more emotionally upsetting to me than the racist fearmongering over obama - because the pleasure people seem to take in the humiliation is extra-disturbing. The fear mongering doesn't mix pleasure in quite so explicitly, and thus while wrong, stupid and racist doesn't seem as twisted. I've got issues with both dem candidates, btw. /end of election talk


  1. doesn't it pretty much go without saying that you have issues with both/all prez candidates? can you imagine an America in which you didn't?

  2. in which I personally? no I can't imagine it. But lots of folks around me here seem to be pretty gung ho one way or another. i'm gung ho not-R but that's about it.

  3. Such a beautiful coincidence! I knew you were all from Boston but didn´t really know you were part of the same crew. Meeting you guys there made me feel full of hope. You were the best thing that happened to me in the US.
    Hope to see you coming to Córdoba in a near future =D
    Thanks for all your love!