Thursday, March 13, 2008

good fun

Thanks for everyone who came out to Matador. I had a blast! and the Grime City DJs slayed'em with wicked selections every time. Maneesh hit us with some ragga dnb and it all wound up with some seriously sweaty dancefloor action.
I was pleased to end my set with a pop/breakcore remix that hit the audience at the right time.. you can really get people into some really extreme music if you catch them at the right moment. Which for me was 1:20am, just before Tha Twister stepped up. Thanks everyone for being so down for a party!

this all happened last weekend, when there was also what looked like an amazing gig on the same night, unfortunately. Dj /rupture playing alongside the Zizek crew out of argentina.
Although I missed that event, I'm sure it was boggling and bouncy, and I did get to link up with one half of the Frikstailers, part of the Zizek crew, out of Cordoba. I had put one of their tracks on my histeria mix for spannered. Anyway, we had a good afternoon up in the Berkeley/Oakland hills (grizzly peak what what), and some music sharing and wide-ranging conversation. A myspace connection made realtime! lovely. check out the frikstailers music!

lots of good stuff upcoming in the Bay Area as usual, but just to remind you - I play Tuesday the 18th at Shelter - Underground SF at 424 Haight Street. I'll be playing dark jungle and breakcore, mostly - expressing a side of my music that doesn't get out much at Surya Dub, playing alongside Koda (woo!) and the residents. And then March 22 Surya Dub - FLYING LOTUS holy moly this is gonna be great. for the games-y people out there here is a game he designed the music for --- ATTACK!!

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  1. That game is's like a video game mixtape!

    Thanks for making me play games at 3:30 AM =P