Monday, April 07, 2008

Write the FCC Today! Support local radio

One of the great tragedies in this country is the death of local radio and the dominance of corporate programming. We've never had a pirate radio tradition here like there has been in London (something that has had a huge effect on the development of intense, specific london-based music). College radio has picked up some of the slack as far as support local music and local culture. But they too are pathetically few and under the gun. There needs to be more local, community-based radio. It's depressing how much the FCC has changed, forcing cultural and community priorities to submit to national (and international) market forces and huge media conglomerates. But the FCC is still somewhat responsive to public comment -so NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!


The window to support better radio closes at midnight tonight!
You can help create more independent, local stations and tune out the cookie-cutter corporate programming that has dominated the dial for decades. But to get more local radio, we need you to act now.

Tell the FCC: Local Radio Matters.

LPFM stations are community driven and locally oriented, providing news and information often ignored by mainstream radio -- information crucial to healthy communities and a vibrant democracy.

The Federal Communications Commission is weighing a set of rules that could open the nation's airwaves to hundreds of new LPFM radio stations. These rules will determine whether our airwaves will be reserved for local operators or used for "translators" that simply relay commercial programming from far-off places.

The FCC needs to know that our airwaves must be set aside for local stations and the vital information, news, music, and cultural activities that they provide.

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