Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Montreal-bound, then NY, Bos, Milwaukee, Chicago

Soon, I begin a bit of a tour. I start in Montreal before meeting up with Kid K to play a slew of gigs in NY, Boston, Milwaukee & Chicago. In Montreal, my main reason for going was first the Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, where I am giving a paper. Then, I linked up with Mutek to be on a panel on copyright and creativity. Then, I lined up a free gig courtesy of the Don't Fake The Break crew! AND they made this great flyer! Check my ripleyspace for the gigs in the US.



  1. When are you going to be in Boston!? Hopefully before the 16th?

  2. hey, thanks for visiting my blog!

    as i say there:

    "it's funny you mention being draggin kicking and screaming into 4/4... i started out playing 4/4 (and hip hop) and got thrust suddenly into the mashup jungle/dub/soon to be dubstep thing after being totally re-wired and inspired by you and dj/rupture.

    i love the fact you're playing this stuff now, too. it's all blending together anyway, and house/techno needs the breakcore/junglist perspective to keep it from degrading into the non-stop ecstasy throb...

    the mix is good, i was just foolishly expecting the ripley of 2003 unchanged from the last time i heard you...

    and thrilled to find you again! definitely one of the finest djs out der!"

  3. oh yeah, and i love the fact you are into practical radical politics... that's an element missing in most techno-utopian electronic music.

    it's necessary to blend the music with the message as has been done in the past, but it's tricky and doubly necessary when using piles of dirty technology to do it...

    (and the enya in the mix is hilarious... and the summer in the city hook... check out the ko-wreck technique track "metro dade" for great use of the method man hook with the same words)

  4. cheers mister! thanks again! glad to see the link from Mashit!