Saturday, June 28, 2008

Surya Dub today!


the rest of the tour was brilliant - Boston was the high point. Lone Wolf and Kingdom put together a terrific party and the Celtics obliged by coming from far far behind to beat the Lakers in the last minutes of Kid Kameleon's set. The audience were fantastic! I saw lots of friendly faces from the last time I played, plus a good crew on new ones.

  • Kid K and Diaz busting out a jumpstyle dance circle to the Dj Donna Summer track I played.
  • Simply everyone singing along to the bmore remix of "Shake Senora" (I'm guessing we all know it from Beetlejuice)
Chi-town with Dj C was awesome as well. Willyjoy came out to the party (big up!), and I finally got to meet Chrissy Murderbot, who was entertaining as all hell, and super-interesting ideas about the role of club music in the midwest. Big up to Zebo, as well.

and before that I finally got to see Milwaukee, if only for a hot minute. A nice little party upstairs in the middle of what looked like "the strip." Only downside was the happy dancing people (or the one super jolly dancing guy, in my case) made the needles skip. I felt bad - I gestured for him to move over since he was jumping up and down directly in front of the turntables and makin'em skip. But he seemed to think I was telling him to go away! Sorry, dancing guy! I just wanted you to move over! Anyway our hosts were great - shouts to Dj Screen Door and Audiofax

And now - SURYA DUB! special guests the fantastic DJ Fflood upstairs, and Searchl1te and ESKMO downstairs.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

tour ongoing

Montreal was a blast. NYC as usual is fantastic. Except for being stinkin' hot.

Thanks to all who came out on Thursday to Pure Fire. My set ended in flames, literally. There was a fire in the smoking area and we had to evacuate just as I was winding up my set. Nobody was hurt as far as I know and we got all of our stuff out as well. But it was pretty funny. All of us standing on the street talking as the fire truck came.

And then Friday night at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg. Cool space. Many thanks to the TodoSantos people (who also stood us an amazing dinner at a Venezuelan place in manhattan called simply Caracas. I have a new favorite food: arepas with plantain and black beans and cheese and jalapeno). Anyway, fun party, lots of jumping around. Kid K really slayed them on the dancefloor, busting out 70s prog rock and breakcore to blow everyone's minds.

Saturday we saw a concert of mostly robot pianos (Disklaviers?), plus a fully robotic orchestration of Ballet Mecanique (sirens, gongs, doorbells, xylophones and all) synchronized with the film. The evening began with four robot pianos playing a super-dramatic Felix Mendelsohn piece, then a couple other modern pieces (one dedicated to James Tenney, RIP, so glad that a couple years ago we got to see his pieces and him before he died), and piece for live pianist, robot pianos and recordings/synthesized bits by Lukas Ligeti - that was pretty amazing. But the Ballet Mecanique blew everything away. awesome.

Today we play at No Selector, at Bembe in Williamsburg. Live band from 10:30-11:30 and then Kid K and I until whenever.

and then we will be in Boston, with a gig at the Milky Way courtesy of the Todo Mundo crew. FREE!

(and the end of the week in Milwaukee and Chicago!)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

re-up and update

Too busy having fun in Montreal to update much. This city is great. Linked up with Khiasma, The Ghis, as well as many peeps from new york who were up for mutek

the panel went really well. Interesting conversations, lots of really down-to-earth discussion about the practical issues raised by creative peoples dong awesome things in the context of unclear and inconsistent law (plus labels acting legally to obstruct creativity and collaboration). Kode9 was especially insightful, as well as hilarious.

but I should post the relaunch of the mix I originally did for Modyfier. Inkcore came through with some amazing cover art, so, I present to you the mix, after the manifesto (click on image for download, kindly hosted by MASHIT)

Comrades, fellow travelers and committed members of the party, I present to you:

The aftereffects of a sustained indoctrination of my breakcore roots with four-on-the-floor and 125-140 beats. Infiltrators of my brokenbeat, amen-pure mental state included: Donna Summer, Com.a, Passions, DJ Family, David Last, Curses!, Starkey, Bird Peterson, Dj Deeon, Switch and the 2step/UK Garage pirate radio broadcasts that reached me in a weakened state as I returned from squat parties in 1999.

Yes, I confess to you all, I was sucked kicking and screaming back into house music. The inevitability of history (guilty late nights in 1994 at the Paradise gay bar basement in Boston, hopping to Cajmere), and my continuing admiration and uncontrolled body manipulation by the aforementioned characters sent me in that direction: falling backwards from the po-faced dubstep and the skrewface/drooling breakcore, wiggling up from the 2step sounds.. here it is in all its glory. A party manifesto.

It wasn't easy. The melodic charms so much more prevalent in this style, the square beats that encourage smooth tweaking rather than the rough cutting I favor, all of these were obstacles. My tone-arms weakened by 12 years of hard use in the interest of the Party, occasionally sent Serato wonky and resistant. But I soldiered on! The last hurdle: my preference for swung time/triplets mixed with backbeat 2step - a shuddery-juddery boogie that can't be made too clean. Hopefully you all will agree.

Onward the party!

Tracklist: Artist - Title

1. Mutamassik - We-Do Featuring Cyra Unique
2. Stumble - Wuz Up Break (Sb2 Version)
3. 8 Frozen Modules - Stagnating The Process
4. Frikstailers - Dabadaba 05. RS-232 - Ping
5. Grievous Angel - Move Down Low (feat. Rubi Dan)
6. Bird Peterson - Broke
7. M.I.A. - XR2 (Tigerstyle Remix)
8. Lil Mama - No_Music (Starkey Refix)
9. Rustie - Diwali Boom
10. Monster Zoku Onsomb - Pump It Hottie
11. Bird Peterson - Bring The Noise
12. DJ Donna Summer - Push It (Dj DS Remix)
13. TS7 ft.Tdot - Ding Dong
14. Basement Jaxx - Jump ‘N’ Shout (Stanton Warriors Remix)
15. Bombaman - Alter Ego (Fuckingham Palace)
16. Cruel Culture - Fuck The Truth
17. Kode9 - Magnetic City
18. Timeblind - Buzzed
19. David Last - Track 04
20. Wor thy - Crack-el (Justin Martin’s Stoopit Crunk-Ill Hyphy Mix)
21. I.Cube and RZA - Deal with that
22. Smalltown Djs - (Mu) Strike a Badman
23. Mz. Thang - Club Muzik
24. Yo Majesty - Club Action (Chris Bagraider’s Sailing to Baltimore Edit)
25. [S] Mann - Summer In the City Dub
26. Com.a - Ghetto Magic
27. Mochipet - Hyphee Step Remix
28. Erbs - Mysterious
29. Sunship feat. Warrior Queen - Quits (Sinden Remix)
30. Rustie ft. Dem Franchise Boys - Lean Wit It
31. Dude n Nem - Watch My Feet (Pop Rawkus Let Me See You Juke Remix)
32. DJ Q - Shottas
33. Math Head - Do Damage (Passions remix)
34. Christina Aguilera - Aint No Other Man (Blaerg Oral Fistfuck Remix)