Saturday, June 28, 2008

Surya Dub today!


the rest of the tour was brilliant - Boston was the high point. Lone Wolf and Kingdom put together a terrific party and the Celtics obliged by coming from far far behind to beat the Lakers in the last minutes of Kid Kameleon's set. The audience were fantastic! I saw lots of friendly faces from the last time I played, plus a good crew on new ones.

  • Kid K and Diaz busting out a jumpstyle dance circle to the Dj Donna Summer track I played.
  • Simply everyone singing along to the bmore remix of "Shake Senora" (I'm guessing we all know it from Beetlejuice)
Chi-town with Dj C was awesome as well. Willyjoy came out to the party (big up!), and I finally got to meet Chrissy Murderbot, who was entertaining as all hell, and super-interesting ideas about the role of club music in the midwest. Big up to Zebo, as well.

and before that I finally got to see Milwaukee, if only for a hot minute. A nice little party upstairs in the middle of what looked like "the strip." Only downside was the happy dancing people (or the one super jolly dancing guy, in my case) made the needles skip. I felt bad - I gestured for him to move over since he was jumping up and down directly in front of the turntables and makin'em skip. But he seemed to think I was telling him to go away! Sorry, dancing guy! I just wanted you to move over! Anyway our hosts were great - shouts to Dj Screen Door and Audiofax

And now - SURYA DUB! special guests the fantastic DJ Fflood upstairs, and Searchl1te and ESKMO downstairs.

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  1. yep, boston was wicked. it went from "this might be an early night" to "i'm staying until the music stops, and not a minute before."