Sunday, June 08, 2008

tour ongoing

Montreal was a blast. NYC as usual is fantastic. Except for being stinkin' hot.

Thanks to all who came out on Thursday to Pure Fire. My set ended in flames, literally. There was a fire in the smoking area and we had to evacuate just as I was winding up my set. Nobody was hurt as far as I know and we got all of our stuff out as well. But it was pretty funny. All of us standing on the street talking as the fire truck came.

And then Friday night at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg. Cool space. Many thanks to the TodoSantos people (who also stood us an amazing dinner at a Venezuelan place in manhattan called simply Caracas. I have a new favorite food: arepas with plantain and black beans and cheese and jalapeno). Anyway, fun party, lots of jumping around. Kid K really slayed them on the dancefloor, busting out 70s prog rock and breakcore to blow everyone's minds.

Saturday we saw a concert of mostly robot pianos (Disklaviers?), plus a fully robotic orchestration of Ballet Mecanique (sirens, gongs, doorbells, xylophones and all) synchronized with the film. The evening began with four robot pianos playing a super-dramatic Felix Mendelsohn piece, then a couple other modern pieces (one dedicated to James Tenney, RIP, so glad that a couple years ago we got to see his pieces and him before he died), and piece for live pianist, robot pianos and recordings/synthesized bits by Lukas Ligeti - that was pretty amazing. But the Ballet Mecanique blew everything away. awesome.

Today we play at No Selector, at Bembe in Williamsburg. Live band from 10:30-11:30 and then Kid K and I until whenever.

and then we will be in Boston, with a gig at the Milky Way courtesy of the Todo Mundo crew. FREE!

(and the end of the week in Milwaukee and Chicago!)

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  1. Monday Tuesday Wednesday WILLIAMSBURG?

    Can't wait to have you in town!