Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The High Point of Friday NIght

So, Kid K and I had that dj gig on Friday at a bar in the castro, with the Sock Puppet Sound System. Some friends showed up to dance. It wasn't a raging party by any means, but it was a good time. A nice wide range of music, and a good upbeat vibe. But the highlight of the night for me came after the party:

we closed up around 2, packed our stuff in the car and then got the munchies. Luckily, Sparky's Diner was about 500 feet away. As we walked over there, I noticed that there were two large cardboard boxes on the sidewalk before the crosswalk. They had big monster faces drawn on them in marker, with big toothed mouth-flaps. Then I noticed that they were talking to each other, loudly and conversationally. As we walked past, I saw a leg sticking out of one, but that was it. "I dunno, what do you think?" one monster box was saying to the other.


After we ordered, we were talking in the absolutely packed diner. Everyone had come there to eat greasy food and drink milkshakes after their first round of partying. It was a reasonably flamboyant and fashionable crowd, less biker-y, more emo and thug and glam and hipster. Sparky's was playing music loudly under it all - 80's music. I knew the tune... "careless whisper"
And then it began. By the time the end of the first verse, a murmer of lyrics was coming from all side of the restaurant. As the chorus hit, the entire freaking restaurant sang along, the entire chorus, the "oh yeahs" and the cheesy saxophone, at the top of all of our lungs. Spontaneously. unselfconsciously. I even did it myself, and I don't even like george michael. I still know every word, though, having been a (young) teen in the 80s. Anyway I've never seen anything like it. People dropped out as the song went on, and the din of drunken chatter closed over the music.

maybe this happens every night at sparky's?

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  1. dayum. guilty feet will tap to guilty pleasure rhythms sometimes, eh? haha! great post. wish you had pics of the monster cardboard boxes!