Monday, July 28, 2008

holla from the beaches..

I'm on Cape Cod, now, watching huge thunderstorms swallow the summer and spit it out, sweaty and humid, for a hazed-sun day or two. Purple lightning bolts flip the lights on outside almost every night. Strangeness, air pressure, ozone.

A quick excursion to Martha's Vineyard, a place I'd never been before, for a gig with DJ Flack, Wayne&wax and our host Dj Tigerbeatz, at Che's Lounge right in Vineyard Haven

resort towns are a funny vibe. But the party warmed up nicely and we ran overtime (till bored beach cops circled the party sharklike). Tigerbeatz played some good breaky clickys tunes and some of her own remixes -nice nice! then Flack rolled up with the classic 90s sounds, mixed with warm-toned tracks from recent days. Wayne's live set gets more complex and bumpin' every time - he built it up and steered us into ominous dubstep territory. I shook up baltimore breaks, blog house, 2step, bhangra, and the balkan tunes I could round up (since tigerbeatz rocks te balkan beats party more often than not) and then steered us back a few bpms with some clicky remixes and cutup dancey sounds - the Carl Craig remix of Cesaria Evora's Angola over some frikstailers, a nice long layer of sound, into the Malorix tune Belsalama. These three tunes make me think about the discussion sparked by Matt Shadetek's fantastic post up at Dutty Artz about the right way to make music (if I follow it correctly)

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