Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Music on the Playa

It's finally happening - I'm going to Burning Man. the only things I have on my schedule (and I know how loose these times may turn out to be) are listed below. Kid Kameleon and I will both be there, and have mostly landed gigs together. If you are on the Playa, check out these locations for guaranteed good music and no trance (at least while either of us are up)!

6-8PM Ripley @ Sol System Happy Hour - 9:30-ish and Dart-ish (We think)
2-4AM Ripley and Kid K @ Nexus - 2AM Kid K, 3AM Ripley - 2 and Allante

Wednesday (ripley's birthday)
6-8PM Kid K @ Sol System Happy Hour - 9:30-ish and Dart-ish (We think)
Late - Ripley and Kid K @ Cyphertown? TBC - 2 and Fairlane

11PM-1AM? Ripley and Kid K @ Bat Country - "around 1:00 PM and way the fuxk out there" @ Dadara Checkpoint
3AM-5AM Ripley and Kid K @ Image Node - 9 and Esplanade

4-5:30PM -Kid K @ Tasty - 7:30 and Dart
9PM - Kid K @ Bootie - AUTOMATIC SUBCONCIOUS - 8:30 and Esplanade (The Hive)

4-5PM - Ripley @ Tasty - 7:30 and Dart

TBD some evening
"a 60 foot bamboo lanternfish art car" "we're camped at 8 and D. look for the fish"
This is by the didjital.com crew out of LA.

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