Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get ready!!

Been lucky enough to spend some time with Warrior Queen & The Bug this week, after they landed in San Francisco for the first time. Quality peoples, with quality musical knowledge - and a proper appreciation for the best ice cream in town.

They head down to Los Angeles to blow up the Pure Filth party on Friday, and then back up here for Surya Dub - the super-low-price advance tickets are gone, but you can still get reduced price at the door before 11pm. this one is gonna be a scorcher! Maga Bo representing from Rio across the world, and Daneekah from the Coo-Yah reggae parties here too!

the new video for skeng just came out, and it's as raw as the Poison Dart one was slick (apologies for my blog's poor layout, you can also check it at this site:

get hyped up for some proper dread bass! Don't say we never do anything for you, after this show we are practically a public service for bay area dub needs.

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