Friday, September 05, 2008

Warrior Queen, The Bug, and Maga Bo this September

Back from Burning Man. Big shouts to the Nexus sound system, Batcountry, Dj $mallchange, the Tasty SF crew (photos from our duststorm bbq dance party to follow),

but also, get ready for the biggest and best Surya Dub yet. We are privileged to bring from the UK, Warrior Queen, the killer vocalist from JA/UK and beyond, with The Bug, yardcore producer extraordinaire, with roots back to metal and industrial, underlaid with heavy sounds from jamdown.. and as if that weren't enough we have got Maga Bo as well, bring global beats breaks and lyrics from his truly worldwide travels

This video of the Bug & Warrior Queen is doing it for me lately

And here's an example of Maga Bo's globe hopping

don't sleep on this show!

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