Wednesday, October 08, 2008

brief recap from Montreal

Spent the past 6 days in Montreal at the Popmontreal festival/symposium. What a brilliant experience.

  • the high attendance at all the panels I attended and was on
  • the mainly very good questions from the audience
  • the fact that the audience was mostly musicians & artists themselves (I've been to many panel discussions about music that is full of academics, or journalists & industry people, but this was really dominated by artists who wanted to talk about the big picture or their own experience or both - really great)
  • the incredibly high number of good-looking, stylish people everywhere, who were also really nice and engaged and not at all stuck-up
  • The Persuasions busting out some a capella on St. Laurent while waiting for their ride back to the hotel
  • the fact that the last day was all workshops - how to build a contact mic, how to circuit bend
  • the food & coffee
  • Rustie's set at the Rustie/Hudson Mohawke/Megasoid show. Big, bassy, eclectic - getting new hip-hop kids into dubstep, rather than seasoning dubstep with hip-hop
  • Hanging out with Geko Jones and Jah Dan - quality people (and thanks for the Dutty Artz shirt!)
  • an enormous awesome greek meal with Geko, JD, Kid K, and some cool peops from Ninja Tune.
  • an enormous awesome Indian takeaway with Off the International Radar and some good friends including my brilliant & talented host
  • the Baltimore Round Robin - an amazing concept well-executed and totally entertaining. A big warehouse room in which the BRR crew had set up around 5 small sound systems in a horseshoe shape around the edge, some with lights or projection screens, and each system had someone perform one song, and then boom the show would switch to another system. The audience would run across the space to be in front of the next performer. There were bands, spoken word, video art, performance art, electronic fun. I think Dan Deacon was the mastermind, or one of them. It was fantastic and hilarious.
  • my brokeness preventing me from buying a lot of presents and things at the art/craft fair (which was adorable).
  • my brokeness preventing me from eating out quite as much as I liked
  • the fact that there were so many shows every night that I couldn't get to all of them
  • missing Sister Nancy because she began so much later than advertised that I had to run to the next show I wanted to catch
overall a fantastic time and I can't wait for next year! (will post more specific recaps soon)

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