Friday, October 31, 2008

going forward

Researching living options in Kingston, JA (for next year) continues apace.. looks like UWI will be at least the first stop (cross your fingers). Starting to link up with some very interesting and thoughtful people in Jamaica whom I hope will be good starting points for my research.

Looking back: Surya Dub was a lovely crowd, as always. Umoja really brought it - amazing selection and classic tunes all over the place. Unfortunately, Kid K and I left to find our car was stolen. hassle beyond hassle. Luckily our computers weren't in it. 1 week later and it still hasn't turned up -we even drove around some of the more industrial parts of San Fran to see if it was dumped there.. no luck.

o well. onward and, eventually, upward!


  1. best luck with your lodgings! i hope you'll be blogging the next legs of your research in JA.

  2. that sucks about the car! boooo on those jerks.