Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Na, wie Geht's - I mean SA VAH?

***edited to add: the symposium sessions are all being filmed, and will be up on the website. nice one!***

In Montreal, having just arrived. Preparing for Popmontreal.

I'm doing a listening session, a panel, and a DJ gig, plus getting to hang out in Mile End and meet cool people all over the place.

If you are in or near Montreal, come out for some or all events!

Kid Kameleon is also in town, on two panels and moderating one, and djing as well, so there's really no excuse.

plus, The Bug & Warrior Queen play here tomorrow night!

I'm impressed with many of the panels here - the way the descriptions spell out some of the relevant issues, it seems really in touch with questions a lot of music-makers and music-lovers have. What I like best, reading it now, is all the ways the presentation of the issues separates out issues of power, issues of culture, issues of representation, issues of pleasure and issues of law - although they are all intertwined, solving a problem in terms of representation doesn't necessarily solve it in terms of any of the other things. It's nice to see that represented.

Coming from the legal world, where solving things for law (in terms of "making people's actions legal") is often the goal, even if that doesn't make everything fun, fair or good art.


  1. hi! i work in nyc this week and cant do pop montreal. The panel discussions sound really interesting - esp "The Herstory of Hip Hop" , "Sampling, Creativity, and Open Source Culture Discussion" and "Rap Culture: From Motherland to Ghetto to Township and Back". Do you know anyone who is or would be willing to live blog the discussion or if they will be available in any way online or could point me to somebody who knows? thnx

  2. Hiya

    you have a great blog, btw!

    I will ask about liveblogging. I'm sure many bloggers will be there - but I don't know if anything's official. Since it looks like you might speak french, your chances are doubled, probably, of finding blog mention of this.. but I will ask around! there's a contact info email on the website, you might try asking directly, too!