Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tapping away before heading to a potluck meal with friends and burning-man-campmates. Now I really feel like a californian, since burning man is definitely one axis along which I organize friends. not the main axis, but still..

Surya Dub last week was fantastic. I love the Bersa Discos sound and their audience too - very compatible mix of people and a great vibe. Hopefully we can link up again in the future - the global dread bass sounds are pretty unstoppable! Some good pictures up here

two more gigs for me before the end of the year

I'm playing the Creative Commons holiday party, at 111 Minna, on December 18th. I assume they will announce it soon and I'll have more info. Kid Kameleon will also represent.

And after I go back East to see my fam, I will be lucky enough to drop in to Beat Research and throw down alongside Rizzla. Should be dance party madness in Central Square..

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