Friday, December 26, 2008

holidays and all

It's been a hectic month - moving, preparing to leave the country, family stuff, Surya Dub, and other gigs.

But a quick update and cheers:

-big up BEAT RESEARCH for throwing a fantastic party. Hooray for DJ Flack and Wayne&wax who hosted a warm, lively crowd well into the wee hours. DJ Rizzla killed it on the early side, and then I played to the end to a super bouncy jolly crowd who were dancing from the first to the last record, and hollered for more when I stopped, so that the nice people at the club said "you can play another 10 minutes." A swell farewell to my US dj career for a while as I head overseas!

-big up Kid Kameleon, who is as always the greatest friend & partner anyone could have, deviser of awesome gifts, and who is starting a cool new project at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is full of awesome people (including the Sock Puppet Soundsystem's Jimmy Tones, one of my favorite people in the Bay)

-big up all the cool people & places who have hosted me this year - from Montreal to Jamaica Plain! The festivals and conferences like Mutek, PopMontreal, and the organizations who booked me like 826boston, and The Milky Way.

-big up the Bay Area, for being such a welcoming place for the past 5 years! shout outs to Club 6, the Surya Dub crew, 5lowershop, Havocsound, the readers of the SF Bay Guardian who voted me "best dance dj of 2008," big up the EFF, the Samuelson Law Technology & Public Policy Clinic, the Hip-Hop Scholars Working Group, the Berkeley Center for New Media, the Berkeley Art Museum (especially its awesome curator of digital art), Berkeley Students for Free Culture, and all the amazing people I have met --plus all the great places to eat: Papalote, Burma Superstar, Finfine, Tacubaya, Mission Pie, Bake Sale Betty, the Lakeshore Farmers' Market, Gioia Pizzeria, Guerilla Cafe and sigh.. Blue Bottle Coffee.

have a happy new year - I will be blogging from Jamaica so I'll be in touch one way or another.


  1. And big up yourself! I wish you safe travels, productive research, and minimal fuckery =)

  2. i know you speak on copyright issues so i am really curious to get your input on this idea"...

    thanks ripley, and i hope you find awesome records in jamaica.