Monday, February 02, 2009

still here

hello all

blog migration requires more bandwidth than I've got right now, figuratively and literally. Soon come.

Those of you in the Bay Area, especially all of you who always meant to come to Surya Dub, now is your last chance, at least for a while.. we're switching to a one-off format for the next little while. But we're going out with a bang: Dutch dubstepper (with a deep techno flavor) 2562 and the utterly way-out Gaslamp Killer! get your tickets in advance at

And me? I've landed in some interesting scenes here in Kingston so far. People have been very welcoming overall (barring a few folks who are in the "i'll get back to you" camp).. I've had some gigs, most courtesy of Mystic Urchin, and ran into musical fam in the form of Dj Livinspirits (someone fund his film quick quick!), and DJ Sawandi (props for playing Deadbeat as I walked in the door).. The Institute for Caribbean Studies is full of interesting, smart people, so my University experience is pretty much all good.

further updates as events warrant.

those of you here looking for my mixes, check the right sidebar - the closest to downtempo is probably the Perennial Philosophy radio show I did. Haven't made a dub mix in so long.... maybe one day!

Also, I made a mix for all my friends who have kids... for their kids.. but also for anyone who wants some jolly, bouncy hip-hop-reggae-breaky fun with lots of storytelling and some international flavors.. download the kids mix (re-upped! hosted! thanks C!)

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