Monday, April 13, 2009

street fashion

In the downtime of the Easter holiday, I thought I'd upload some pictures of street fashion. People, especially men, dress incredibly here. I haven't taken any of street dances yet because it's too dark and crowded, but it' s people at their most flamboyant.

That hasn't stopped me from taking a few more in public places though.

I'll start with someone I met at a studio outside Kingston. (I did ask permission for all these photos btw)


Small string bag


Big Cuffs!


I think the center of the star ring has a lion head engraved in it but I can't remember. I was so dazzled.

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  1. great pictures ripley, thanks... and hey, if you haven't been to that veiled gazelle in a minute, you should grab the tracks off the last dubstep dump... some hot scorchers...