Monday, May 18, 2009

took a breath

I've been doing a lot of interviews lately, which are fascinating but haven't led to as much description lately.. But currently I'm sitting atop one of the hills ringing Kingston with an insane panorama of the city spread out before me, my breakfast remains and a pot of Blue Mountain coffee cooling next to me.. a moment of breath, some down time, perhaps a bit of perspective.

On Friday I gave a talk to the Cultural Studies grad students at UWI on one aspect of preliminary findings from my research. I did it from notes I organized on Powerpoint (nobody saw the powerpoint but me, I've found if I do it this way I don't read, I use the powerpoint outline to riff off of). Anyway it went well.. people were interested and seemed to get what I was going for.

One of the main questions I am kicking around these days is: What is the difference between funding music and making music? Or really, what comes out of the relationship between the people who pay for music and the people who create it (and those groups sometimes overlap)?

I'll write more about this next time, once I have pulled out more from my presentation.

I also took some pictures of Jamaican candies (that come from somewhere spanish-speaking). In doing so, I discovered my new Dj name.. maybe..



  1. pardon my intrusive request, but,
    dear ripley when will you be putting out a new mix?
    my summer needs you. and your fire


  2. hey there

    I have no equipment here so I may not get a new mix out until July. Will post news as soon as I have it, on that front. thanks for your interest!

    love & fire.

  3. you're my favorite super hyper acid mango bitch!