Saturday, June 06, 2009

June has come, pleas and shouts go out

It's already been 5 months? wait, what?

Only one month to go here in Jamaica and (like every other researcher I know in their last leg of fieldwork) I feel like I have only done 1/3 of what I wanted to do.. At least it's been really interesting. Dealing with all my notes is gonna be the hard part. Scratch that, transcribing a ton of interviews that are mostly in patois is gonna be the hard part. But so interesting!

Not much else to report except I'm (mostly) looking forward to returning to the Bay Area. I hope to line up some gigs.. I really have missed djing, especially djing for crowds who know & love what I do.. On that note, I plan to play in New York, and London, and possibly Europe over the next few months -any interested bookers please shout me. Also, anyone in Toronto who wants to book me, get in touch...I only played there once and it was a long long time ago. I hope to come through before the winter since I've seriously lost my edge after 6 months in the tropics.

I've tried to stay on top of new music while being here.. Hard for several reasons, but I still find myself stumbling across new tunes and producers, or new stuff from producers I already love.. I think it's a good time for music right now, in a scattered, let-a-thousand-flowers-bloom kind of way. Feel free to send me stuff, anyone!

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  1. yeah please come to Europe !

    it would be so great to hear your tunes & tricks live :)